Hoya Plants are very beautiful plants that gives the essence of feeling relax. Hoya plants are of around 200 to 300 species of tropical plants. Hoyas are mostly found in Asia, Polynesia, New Guinea and Australia. It is also known as Wax plant, Wax vine & Wax flower.
Hoyas mostly grows on rocky areas. These are evergreen perennial creepers or vines or rarely, shrubs. They often grow emphatically on trees; some grow terrestrially.
Hoya leaves size vary from 3mm to 5mm and larger Hoya leaves can vary from 25cm to 35cm. The leaves are smooth and green, some of these plants have thin and translucent leaves.
The flowers are very beautiful and scented, many of Hoyas are grown as house plants for its attractive foliage and strong fragrance.
One of the benefit of which have been studied that it is a great remover of pollutant in the indoor environment.
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