July – August 2018

Newsletter July – August 2018

Welcome to your July-August Catalogue. As promised you will find some amazing new plants including new selections of Cactus and Ferns.

….From Bob & Bev Chalmers


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*The tallest tree ever was an Australian eucalyptus – In 1872 it was measured at 435 feet tall!
*The first potatoes were cultivated in Peru about 7,000 years ago!
*Vanilla flavouring comes from the pod of an orchid, Vanilla planifolia!
*The first certified botanical garden was founded by Pople Nicholas III in the Vatican City in 1278 AD!
*There are over 300,000 identified plant species and the list is growing all the time!
*Caffeine serves the function of a pesticide in a coffee plant!
*The word pineapple comes from European explorers who thought the fruit combined the look of a pine cone with flesh like that of an apple!
*The Elephant grass found in Africa is named so as it is 4.5 meters high and even elephants can hide in it!
* Geese encourage each other to keep on flying by ‘Honking from Behind the leaders’.


Last Months Did You Know
* Strawberry is the only fruit that bears its seeds on the outside. The average strawberry has 200 seeds!
* Leaving the skin on potatoes while cooking is healthier as all the vitamins are in the skin!
* Vanilla flavouring comes from the pod of an orchid, Vanilla planifolia!
* There are over 300,000 identified plant species and the list is growing all the time!
* The flower of the titan arum (Amorphophallus titanium) is the largest unbranched flower in the world and can reach up to 15 feet tall.
* Marijuana and hops are from the same plant family: Cannabaceae.
* Plants respond to worm vermicaste especially in winter…spray it around from now on and you will see what we mean. Your plants will think spring has come early…more and better flowers for longer and bigger & more fruit. There is nothing to stop you but your own resistance.
* More than 30% of the soil in your garden is made up of the mycelium webs of fungus species.



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Your Plants

Your Plants are packaged with love and care to travel the world if need be. They are among the largest and strongest you can possibly receive by courier/mail delivery.
We intend to supply you a continually new and surprisingly amazing array of the most interesting plants on our planet.
We have been doing this for 31 years ! Its not easy. You will see many others have come and gone thinking there was an ‘easy’ life doing this work. It is a life of passion for the fantastic gifts of nature.


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Diabetes Plant Scientific Review
…..Show this to Your GP….

Gynura procumbens
On our website we now include a scientific review of the scientific studies done on this plant and you will be surprisednot only that this plant has been scientifically shown to be an effective blood glucose balancer. But also.
…..can be used against Cancer….
…..can be used against infection
…..can be used in reproductive Health
There has been a lot of research done on this plant because of its success in eastern Medicine. However the Pharmaceutical Company scientists have been unable to discover the chemical pathways that lead to its success. Because of its complexity it has been too difficult to unravel its multitudinal pathways and so it has not been possible to commercialize it to sell as a drug.

Copy this report straight off our website where the Diabetes Plant appears or if you are Technologically challenged we can add a copy with your order.







TURN WINTER INTO SPRING – Try our Organic Fertiliser

We have a new natural product from ‘Grow’ that will benefit your plants greatly through winter as you do not need hot weather to get it going. It consists of a mix of natural microflora that will benefit your plants in many ways from helping to absorb nutrients from the soil or potting mix to protecting the plant from disease and harsh weather. Watch your plants smile in the middle of winter. Just mix a pinch of the powder in a watering can of water and water it in. The results will be better growth, stronger healthier plants and more and longer flowering and fruiting. The product is called Grow!





Try ‘Grow Organic Fertiliser’ ….Used in our Nursery..

Delivers outstanding results every time it is applied to ornamentals, fruit and vegetables and herbs in fact anything. But there’s much more to fertiliser than meets the eye. Many ‘Fertilisers’, although supplying a stated quantity of plant available nutrients, fail to be biologically sustainable and almost without exception, create a weak link in the growing chain..

Available in 1, 2.5, 10 and 20 litre bottle. This is concentrated fertiliser so Mix at a ratio of 100:1 with water!
One Litre $16.50, 2.5 Litre $24, 10 Litre $84, 20 Litre $154





New Ferns

For the next few months we have some completely new ferns. We have grown these in 90mm pots rather than the 110 mm pots we normally use. For this reason we have reduced the price in accordance with the slightly lower cost. Our Maidenhairs are always available but in the larger 110mm pot.






Our first shipment has come and gone. Put your name down for the next shipment of Li Jujube in January. This is the latest cultivar from China. Can easily get 1000 fruits on one little tree. They are delicious and take the coldest and hottest climates. Its worth the wait.

Contact us if you live in WA and you would like some of our Li Jujube trees.
We are anticipating our Jujube Trees will be ready in mid- April. Get on our list for priority ordering. You will need to pick up in Perth as we are not set up for freighting plants. We are also taking bulk orders.
We are happy to take backorders for other States
We will not be sending to other states at this stage but will be doing so in the coming years.





Cocopeat Fibre….Coir Peat…..Coir …all the same thing

….(not to be confused with coconut fibre used to line hanging baskets)
Cocopeat Fibre is being found to be a useful potting media for many different types of plant. The coconut fibres are compressed into 5Kg blocks which when wet expand to 60litres of mix.
I comes in 3 forms :
You must be careful which one you use.
There is the fine one called Pith….100% fines…from the inner core of the coconut shell…used as a mix with other fibres or in seed raising. Holds moisture very close to the roots
Then there is the chip…nearly 100%…chipped straight from the outerlayers of the coconut shell. This can be used for orchids and other epiphytes. Also garden mulch …an expensive one! The chips hold a lot of moisture but dont drown the plant.
Then there is the 60:40 Mix…which is 60% Pith and 40%Chips. This is the most common potting mix used and is an excellent product.




Cactus Plants

If you are a fan of Cactus we have some beautiful and rare ones coming up for you. Cactus have some of the most amazing structures you can imagine and the flowers are a tantalising surprise. Not to mention how easy they are to maintain being able to flourish in hot arid climates with freezing nights.





Down the main street of Nambour last week one of our customers experienced the following episode. There were two grocers, Walters and Fittler, in the same street. Fittler had a sign in his window, “Avocados, 20 cents each”. Our customer goes in and asks for some. “Sorry love”, said Fittler, “I haven’t got any in just now; come back on Wednesday”. So she goes on up the street to Walters But his avocados are One Dollar Twenty each! But at least he has them in stock.
“That’s a bit steep isn’t it? Our customer said..’Fittler’s are only 20 cents each”.
“Yeah”, says walters, “and when I haven’t got any in stock, mine also are only 20 cents each!”




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Combined Postage/Shipping
We do combine postage/shipping with all our orders. This means you can buy as many plants as you like for a single postage/shipping price. eg, in NSW you might buy 100 plants for $16 freight.
Our Plants are not sent Bare Rooted
All our plants are sent in pots. Mostly in a pot of 70mm diameters and 110mm deep. This pot is 4 times the volume of the tiny 40mm tubes that many other suppliers use. Our Ferns are sent in 100mm pots. * Very large plants from large pots (Bamboo, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Heliconias) may be sent bare rooted.
However we do supply some Tiny plants for $3.90 to satisfy customers who like small prices. These plants are specified as Tiny Plants for Tiny Prices and are priced at $3.90.

If you can’t find what you’re looking in our catalogue, you can use the search bar at the top of all our pages, above navigational menu and also below the side Menu.

All Plants on our website are available, not just the ones in our latest catalogue.





(40cmABCD) Nepenthes St Gaya (N. khasiana x (ventricosa x maxima)). This is a hard to get hybrid with unusual beautiful red dot patterns on the side of the 17cm pitchers. This is a spectacular hanging and climbing pitcher plant…Red lip and hood. Although it likes warmth and humidity it will tolerate cooler temperatures down to 3oC and low humidity for long periods. Great for your indoor garden! From 1000-2000m in the Philippines. Shaded bright conditions. 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $15.90 (250 Parries) each












Amorphophallus prainii



(1mFABCD) Amorphophallus prainii. A hard to get Amorphophallus with an amazing large eyecatching white spathe-dark purple in the centre. Puffy white spadix. An unforgettable white patterned stem and a fingered leaf that unfurls after its winter dormancy. Its likely to flower every couple of years Prainii is a native of eastern Asia. Drought tolerant and frost hardy. Full sun to part shade. These are small second year dormant bulbs sitting in a 70mm pot ready to reshoot when it gets hot.

…..Priced at $59.00 each














Cereus peruvianus




(8mABcD) Cereus peruvianus
This is an magnificent large growing cactus. As it matures, the cactus will bloom extraordinary yellow flowers that are then followed by an orange to red fruit which looks similar to an apple. Can be planted in very dry and hot or desert like areas. Plant in a well drained soil to avoid root rot. A high heat and drought tolerant cactus. Full sun. These are calloused plants ready to set roots. 300mm tall ex ground.

…..Priced at $39














Brachychiton bidwillii


(3m+**AD) Brachychiton bidwillii is an interesting native shrub from QLD related to the Kurrajong & Bottle Tree. Flowers are deep rose pink ,tubular and star shaped (2.5cm across) at its end. They occur in clusters along the stems usually when the plant is leafless. Leaves are large and lobed like a Kurrajong. Reported heights are 3-7m but usually a large shrub with a smooth bulbous trunk. Loses its leaves when conditions require. Requires well drained situation. Frost and drought resistant. Full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (180 Parries) or 3 for $25

















…Light Green Leaf Variety…


(1maD) Hoya Multiflora ‘Shooting Stars’ Light Green Leaf’. This is the light green leafed variety of Hoya Shooting Stars. The flowers will surprise you in that nature can once again manifest something so amazing as these flowers that come to you like shooting stars. The star shaped flowers are bright yellow, white with a dab of pink centrally. The leaves on this variety are light glossy green The flowers are slightly different also. It’s a shrub in many aspects not a vine, its evergreen and branching & is reported to grow to 2.5m tall in ideal conditions! Full sun to morning sun.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries)














Macrozamia mooreii

….Hard to Get… Native Cycad….


(7mABcD) Macrozamia moorei. Tallest of all the Macrozamias this is a grand Australian species with keeled & arching blue-green foliage. Develops a strong trunk to 80cm. Found in Central QLD at elevation 300-500m asl. Cycads like this one are some of the oldest plants still living on the planet tracing back to the ancient Mesezoic period some 170 million years ago.Magnificent Cycad named after botanist Charles Moore. Hardy and suited to all areas. These are 4 leaf plants in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $29 each












….Like a Delicate Bonsai Fern….Cheilanthes myriophylla


(20cmAbcD) Cheilanthes myriophylla. Like an incredible delicate Bonsai Fern please don’t miss out. Beautiful grey green fronds. Usually found growing between rocks or crevices in the wild. Makes an excellent container plant.Takes dry hot and cold. Evergreen. Native to Central America. Full sun to shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (170 Parries)













TAHITIAN LIMEcitrus aurantifolia

(3mEdFmABC) Citrus aurantifolia. Highly favoured delicious small seedless fruit. Popular in Asian cooking & they can be used for drinks, seafood dishes, chicken, meats, desserts, cakes, biscuits and marmalade. Try a Paradise Lime Soda or have a slice with your beer. This plant must have full sun & likes well drained but not dry conditions. Add a little charcoal (20%) to your mix if you prefer pot culture. Takes a light frost..most climates.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries)
NB We do not send Citrus to WA, Tas, NT or SA.















GOLDEN BARREL CACTUSEchinocactus grusonii

(1.4mABCD) Echinocactus grusonii
This is an unusual cactus now rare in the wild. Can grow to 1.8m in height and spread! Its single pale green globe shaped body stretches upward in maturity becoming barrel shaped. Vivid yellow 5cm flowers from the top in summer in mature specimen. Ribbed and has attractive spines that go golden. Although these will grow in low temperatures they do not like heavy frost. Likes dry well drained conditions. Native to Mexico. Full sun (best) or part shade. These are strong plants in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (350 Parries)













Passiflora 'Panama Red'


(VEdABcD) Passiflora ‘Panama Red’
Will bear extra large abundant red fruit throughout the year in autumn, winter and spring. Delicious extra sweet red pulp. Crops heavily from autumn to spring with a little moisture & fertiliser. Suitable for trellis, fence and pergola. For warm sunny positions.

…..Priced at $9.90 (180 parries) or 3 for $27














….Reknowned Superfruit….

GIANT THAI WHITE GUAVAPsidium guajava Giant Thai White

(4mFEdABCDE) Psidium guajava ‘Thai White’ will provide you with plenty of the famous and tasty apple guavas in winter. This is a light green white flower evergreen shrub from South America. The delicious large apple sized fruit is a greenish skinned Asian Type with white flesh. It has a very high vitamin C, Vitamin A & Pectin content… a renowned superfruit. The aromatic sweet slightly acid apple sized fruit are eaten raw or made into jams, jellies and juices or dried. Very few seeds. The fruit and leaves have medicinal properties. Suited to all areas. Full sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 (200 Parries) or 3 for $29










Cephalocereus senilis




(10mAbcD) Cephalocereus senilis is a unique cactus with fluffy white tufts of ‘hair’. Certainly a plant with personality. Pink flowers. This plant is endangered in the deserts of Mexico. After a while your cactus will clump but will stay smallish inside the house. Outdoors in hot, dry sunny conditions can grow big to 10m …but most are grown indoors in an unglazed container in bright light or window facing north or west. Keep on the dry side in a cactus mix… or sand, perlite and potting mix. Don’t overwater or it will rot and water only once or twice in winter! Single stem plants about 100mm tall…sent in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $16.90 each (300 Parries)














Anthurium red 34


(50cmAbcD) Medium unusual glossy red heart shaped flowers with a cutback spathe dark green glossy foliage. As the plant grows the leaves and flowers grow larger.

……Priced at $12.90 each














PINK EUODIAEuodia elleryana

(8mRf**AbDE) Euodia elleryana will amaze and dazzle you with its unusual large clusters of bright pink flowers that are set straight out of the bark on the major branches! Attractive largish light green glossy leaves. Pink Euodia grows quickly and erect but branches soon enough to form a wide crown. Black fruit follows its pink flowers. Nectar and seed feeding birds are attracted to it. This is a native of Nth NSW to Nth QLD. Likes warm frostfree conditions. Full sun or shade.

….Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21















BUTTERFLY AGAVEAgave potstorum

(50cmAbcD) Agave potatorum.
A magnificent rosette forming agave with wide green silvery leaves highlighted with dark spines and irregular leaf margins. When matured, the plant will grow a huge 6m long flower spike blooming pale green and yellow flowers with a red tinge. Great for pots and gardens alike. Requires little attention other than protection from frost and water logging. Thrives in open warm sunny locations and takes dry conditions. Prefers well drained soil. Full sun.
Plants 100mm diameter. Sent loose rooted.

…..Priced at $29 each














….Rare Native….Rare Native….

GARLAND LILYCalostemma purpureum

(40cmFm**ABC) Calostemma purpureum
This is a rare long living perennial herbaceous native plant. Brilliant purplish red flowers in summer. Strappy leaves. Low maintenance, easy to grow and can adapt a range of soil and conditions but likes it dry. Can be deciduous in the cold. Can tolerate light frost. Full sun or part shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each













Laurus nobilis


(7mEdFmABCD) Laurus nobilis is not only a magnificent tree but the leaves are very popular for flavouring foods. Usually one leaf is enough either dried or fresh for soups, casseroles, stews, spaghettis, meatloafs, brawns, rice puddings, custards and poultry stuffings. Sweet Bay Tree makes an attractive formal or informal tub plant and can be easily kept at any height wanted. This is an attractive conical shaped tree with small yellow flowers and dark berries. The Sweet Bay Tree is a native of Greece and needs protection in winter if you have heavy frosts. Full sun or part shade where it gets real hot.

…..Priced at $8.90 each or 3 for $23














CHIN CACTUSGymnocalycium spp

(15cmAbcD) Gymnocalycium spp
A free flowering small globular cactus with predominately pastel coloured 3cm flowers. Quick flowering. Will thrive if given plenty of light and free draining soil. Water well during summer, much less in winter and allow soil to dry out between watering. Perfect for pots or a sunny dry spot in the garden. Ideal for pots. Full sun.

…..Priced at $15.90 each












RED COSTUS (Ginger)Costus spiralis

(2mAbcD) Costus spiralis unusual pink flowers that pop out of a bract at the heads of the plant in summer & autumn. The bract has red scales and these remain prominent with the pink flowers coming out from under the scales one by one. Likes a frostfree climate. In cooler climates they make a good pot speciman and can be taken indoors for winter. Full sun to full shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries)














…Delicious Pink Flesh …Not White…

PINK DRAGONFRUITHylocereus undatus pink fruit

(4.5mAbcD) Hylocereus undatus
This is the delicious Pink fleshed one not the tasteless white fleshed one they sell in Super-markets! aka Pitaya & Strawberry Pear. Hylocereus undatus is a weird climbing cactus-huge juicy delicious edible pink fruit (1kg) with a pinkflesh. Its giant white fragrant flowers are 30cm across in late spring and summer. They appear only during the night! This cactus will climb up a wall or a tree and quickly develops multiple trunks. Vivid green three cornered stems. Will grow in desert but easy to grow elsewhere. Needs winter protection in cooler areas. Full sun or bright light.

…..Priced at $14.90 each (250 Parries)














(9mAbcD) Ficus religiosa is the famed tree under which the Buddha sat for 6 yrs when he attained enlightenment (bodhi) at Bodh Gaya in Bihar State India. You will find it in and around every Buddhist Temple! Also known as the Bo Tree this is a magnificent signature tree that can also be kept in a pot. Very popular for Bonsai. Its heart shaped leaves have a pointed drawn out end. It must be pollinated by a special wasp. Love full sun & can be grown in the shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (200 Parries) or 3 for $29













chambeyronia macrocarpa


(3-6mAbCD) Chambeyronia macrocarpa.
A stunning single palm tree which the new leaves are always bright red for up to ten days, hence the name Flamethrower Palm. then will turn green. Wide thick pinnate leaves. Attractive watermelon patterned trunks. Ideal for tropical gardens. Easy to grow. Native to New Caledonia. Considered to be cold hardy. Prefers a rich well drained soil. Full sun to shade.

…..Priced at $25 each













….Native Cultivar with Edible Fruit….acronychia imperforata


(5m**RfEdABCDE) Acronychia imperforata ‘Vista’
This faster growing cultivar has a straighter stronger central leader & will produce juicy yellow edible fruit after yellow flowers. Bird attracting. Bright clusters of lemon coloured flowers. Lovely dense, shiny bright green medium sized veined leaves with a tight crown. In its best natural sites can get up to 15m but will grow less in most backyards. Native to rainforest from Seal Rocks NSW to Cape York QLD. Takes salt air. Full sun or shade.Grows 1m wide.Great hedge plant.

…..Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries) each or 3 for $25















….Unusual Blue Form….Holmskioldia sanguinea 'Blue'


(3mABCD) Holmskioldia sanguinea ‘Blue’. Unusual and curious blue- purple flowers shaped like a Chinese hat from late spring to autumn. They are clustered in dense terminal bunches. The ‘hat’ is actually a disc-like bract from which rises a tubular flower. This is a strong grower with long trailing canes and is suitable for espalier. For warm temperate to tropical climates in a sunny sheltered position.

…..Priced at $9.90 (150 Parries)















Pittosporum phillyreoides syn.angustifolium. We have freshly dried leaves available now. Shown to kill cancer cells in the test tube at the University of Berlin and shown at the same institution to be a powerful immune system stimulant. Use it as a protector and immune system stimulant. You can make a tea out of it but I prefer to put 3 leaves in the Nutriblast every day and drink it with other fruit and berries. Use a capful of Cider Vinegar or Yoghurt to eliminate the bitter taste. Please note 40 grams is approximately 600 leaves.

…..Priced at 40 grams for $38













Contact us regarding current Availability. Gynura procumbens aka Plant of Longevity, Sambung, Diabetes Plant. (1mEdABCD) . This plant has a reknowned reputation as a blood glucose balancer. Reports are that if Diabetics eat 6-12 leaves a day they will no onger require insulin. Scientific studies on rats verify this. Satisfy yourself by googling this plant and searching YouTube. Diabetes Plant is reputed to have other medicinal values like lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and inhibiting cancer cells. Diabetes Plant tastes fine and can be eaten raw, in smoothies, salads and stir fries. Good in a tea. Fast growing in all areas….fleshy leaved evergreen. Full sun light shade.

Plants available again from July 23rd.









COLOUR SHRUBSAgastache aurantiaca ‘Apricot Sprite’



(60cm*ABCd) Agastache aurantiaca ‘Apricot Sprite’. Vibrant scented apricot flower spikes that bloom and last all summer long and well into winter in warm climates. Beautiful small grey-green leaves on this small compact shrub.The leaves are scented as well and can be used in pot pouri and to make tea or flavour drinks. Drought tolerant once established. Prefers well drained soil. Full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 each or 3 for $25














Abutilon Hybrida 'Bella Pink'


(2mABC) Abutilon Hybrida ‘Bella Pink’ will give you gorgeous pastel pink lantern like flowers in abundance in spring and right through to autumn. The leaves are fingered like a maple. It is native to China. For all areas except the tropics. Full sun or morning sun.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21











Slc. Wasp nest

Slc. Wasp Nest

Easy to grow Cattleya hybrid with clusters of deep orange to red flowers. Shadehouse conditions, ie 50-70% shade. Flowering size in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $23










Howeara Lava Burst

Howeara Lava Burst

Miniature growing Oncidium type with petite sprays of very dark red flowers. Very floriferous once mature. Shadehouse conditions. Near first Flowering in 50mm pots.

…..Priced at $15.90









Saintpaulia ‘African Violets’ hybrids. These are your latest named hybrids and not your common old garden type. There are thousands of varieties. Easy to grow inside on your window sill. We have 5 New African Violet Hybrids. They are…

African Violet Birthday Girl

African Violet Birthday Girl

African Violet Ice Princess

African Violet Ice Princess

African Violet Optimara Van Gogh

African Violet Optimara Van Gogh

African Violet Repeat Performance

African Violet Repeat Performance

African Violet Childs Play

African Violet Childs Play


Moderate light to indoor light.

$8.90 each…. Any three for $25 or ….Five for $39







 Asplenium ‘Island Beauty’


(40cmABCD) Asplenium bulbiferum x surrogatum ‘Island Beauty’ is a vigorous upright fast growing fern. Lovely weeping foliage that grows ‘babies’ on top of its fronds for you to pluck off and plant! Full sun to part shade. In 90mm pots.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries)













Athyrium otophorum



(60cmABCD) Athyrium otophorum
This is a hard to get fern. Beautiful contrast of light to dark green arching leaves, purple red stem. Native to Korea, Japan and China. Very neat plant. In 90mm pot.

……Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries)













Cyathea Smithii


(4mAbCD) Cyathea smithii
Lovely soft radiating fronds that drop off as more grow above one of the cold hardiest tree ferns. Native to NZ Likes cold and wet conditions. Easily grown in a moist position in filtered or morning sun. Will tolerate full sun if mulched and moist. Protect from wind. In 90mm pots.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries)



>>Click Here to get all three Ferns<<




We have Lady Moxon, Margaretta, Pacific May and Charlotte.

All in 110mm pots At $13.90 each






Hoya Collection

A Home is not a Home….Without a Hoya


Hoya multiflora


(W) Hoya Multiflora ‘Shooting Stars’ Light Green Leaf’ – Bright yellow, white with a dab of pink centrally star shaped flowers. the leaves are smaller, narrower and grey/green with silver specks.

…..$9.90 each



hoya macgillivray


(C) Hoya macgillivrayii. Bunches of huge Purple/Red flowers with pointed leaves.

…..$12.90 (180 Parries)



HOYA ‘NEW GUINEA GOLD’ (W)Hoya PNG New Star Backwards Cluster

Hoya coronarium. Small groups of large solid gold star shaped flowers with thickish slightly crinkled leaves. Full sun.

…..$12.90 each (200 Parries)







Hoya diversifolia


(C) – Pink petals with a red centre. Its leaves are very think and dark green. A vigorous large growing hoya. Hardy to zero degrees celsius.

…..$8.90 (180 Parries)



Hoya keysii


(C) Hoya Australis ssp. Australis. Lovely native Hoya with starshaped fragrant white flowers in large heads. Leaves are pointed with furry hairs underneath.

…..$8.90 (150 Parries)





HOYA ‘SILVER SCHILLACI’Hoya pubicalyx Silver Pink

(C) Hoya publicalyx ‘Silver Schillachi’. Red flowers with long silver flecked leaves. Large clusters.

…..Priced at $9.90 (200 Parries)








Hoya pubicalyx 'Red'


(C) Hoya publicalyx ‘Red’. Red flowers with long leaves. Large red clusters.

…..$8.90 (150 Parries)



HOYA AUSTRALIS (M)Hoya australis

Hoya australis. Shiny ovate shaped leaves with clusters of white waxy triangler petal flowers with a red and white centre.

…..$9.90 (180 Parries)



HOYA NICHOLSONIAEHoya nicholsoniae

Hoya nicholsoniae will give you eyecatching yellow flowers with a white corona in the centre. It has a spicy fragrance and blooms in the warmer months. The leaves are light green with visible veins. They love to hang but climb well as well. The more sun you give this hoya, the more reddish the leaves look. It is an easy fast growing hoya with fantastic colour.

…..Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries)




Key to Cold Tolerance: Letter after Hoya Name:C=Cool Growing, M= Intermediate Temperatures W=Warm Growing-Sub Tropical+ Note: Cool Growing will also thrive in the hotter conditions but the warm growing do not appreciate the cooler conditions.

Hoya Ideas

Find a place where you can run some horizontal tie wires and run between two posts, trees or whatever. Run a tie wire about every 25-30cm and where the wires meet the post attach a pot of hoya of the climbing variety. You can strap them on or nail the pots on. Let the hoyas run along the wires as they grow. Vines that run horizontally produce more flowers than those running vertically.



Herbal Collection

Herbal July – August Collection 1

IndigoIndigofera tinctoria

(1.5m) Indigofera tinctoria
Used over a very long
period as an amazing
deep blue dye. Warm
position. Deciduous in winter
…..Priced at $12.90 each


Anise HyssopAgastache aurantiaca ‘Apricot Sprite’

(60cm*ABCd) Agastache aurantiaca
‘Apricot Sprite’. The leaves
are scented and can be
used in pot pouri and to
make take or flavour drinks.
Full sun.
…..Priced at $8.90 each or 3 for $25


Sweet Bay TreeLaurus nobilis

(7mEdFMABCD) Laurus nobilis
The leaves are popular for
flavouring foods. Usually one
leaf is enough either dried or
fresh. Full sun or part shade.
…..Priced at $8.90 each or 3 for $23




Herbal July – August Collection 2

Miracle LeafKalanchoe pinnata

(1mEdABCD) Kalanchoe pinnata
Well known as an anti
cancer herb. A remedy
for headaches, high
blood pressure, rheumatism,
styes & kidney stones.
Water lightly Full sun or shade.
…..Priced at $12.90 each


Mother of Herbs Plectranthus amboinicus

(45cmEdAbCD) Plectranthus amboinicus
Big fleshy & flavoured green leaves.
Can be used a meat stuffing and to
flavour meat dishes. Full sun to part shade.
…..Priced at $8.90 ea (150 Parries)



Horseradish Tree BulbsMoringa oleifera bulbs

(70cm*EdAbcD) Moringa oleifera
Is an extremely valuable tree
with clusters of yellow &
white flowers. Every part
of it is edible & the leaves
& seed pods contain 38% protein. Full sun.
…..Priced at $9.90 each (250 parries)




Herbal July – August Collection 3

TurmericCurcuma longa turmeric

(70cmEdABCD) Curcuma longa
One of the worlds most potent
herbs for cure & prevention
incl. cancer & dementia.
Spice for your foods.
Full sun or shade.
….Priced at $9.90 or 3 for $25


VANILLA ORCHID VINEVanilla planifolia

Vanilla planifolia
A sought after vine with clusters
of golden flowers with produce pod.
Natural vanilla is sourced from the
pods. Used in the production of ice
cream, cakes and beverages. Morning
sun or light shade.
…..Priced at $14.90 (200 Parries)


DIABETES PLANTGynura procumbens

(1mEdABCD) Gynura
. Has reknowned
reputation as a blood balancer.
Tastes fines and be eaten raw
or in smoothies, salads and
stir fries. Good in tea. Shade.
…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $23 or 5 for $39 (Available on July 23rd)




Herbal July – August Collection 4Azadirachta indica

Neem Tree

(8mABCD) Azadirachta indica.
Has been used for centuries
against insects and for many
medicinal purposes. Tender
shoots and flowers are eaten
in India. Full sun.
…..Priced at $12.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $29


Aloe VeraAloe Vera

(80cmABCDE) syn.Aloe barbadensis
Interesting ornamental
yellow flower spike. Good
multiplier. Reported useful
for heartburn, skin care,
blood sugar, weight loss &
natural mouth wash & laxative.
Takes dry conditions.
Full sun to light shade.
….Priced at $5.90 ea (150 parries)

Zingiber aromaticum

Zingiber Aromaticum

(2mEdAbcD) Zingiber aromaticum
Young rhizome tips, new shoots
& flowers can be cooked or
eaten raw. Has many
medicinal properties.
Full sun to part shade.
…..$15.90 ea (250 Parries)










…Native to Gallipoli Peninsula…Rosmarinus officinalis


(1.5mFABCD) Rosmarinus officinalis will arouse your senses with this highly aromatic evergreen shrub. Unique light grey-green foliage, covered with white blue flowers over a long season, from spring through summer. Popular in herb gardens or as an informal hedge or screen. Easily pruned into topiary forms. Sprigs of rosemary are used for remembrance. Hardy and drought tolerant, requiring little care, once established. Thrives even in poor soils, provided it is well drained. Full sun.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21
Particulary important for Australians for remembrance as it is found growing wild on the Gallipoli Peninsula.






Amazing Plants Available and in Stock!

Nepenthes ventricosa


(40cmABCD) Nepenthes ventricosa. Thick red lip. Straight colours from creams to pinks. The pitcher is about 10cm long. This is a spectacular hanging and climbing pitcher plant…Pitchers are bell shaped with a defined waist. Although it likes warmth and humidity it will tolerate cooler temperatures down to 3oC and low humidity for long periods. Great for your indoor garden! These plants are just one of the many rare plants in our nursery! From 1000-2000m in the Philippines. Shaded bright conditions. These are smallish plants with pitchers sent in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $15.90 (250 Parries) each









Citrus limon ‘Eureka’



(3mEdFmABC) Citrus limon ‘Eureka’
Easy to grow and fruit. Highly flavoured delicious acid fruit with high nutritional value. This plant must have full sun & likes well drained but not dry conditions. Add a little charcoal (20%) to your mix if you prefer pot culture. Takes a light frost..most climates.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (200 Parries)
NB We do not send Citrus to NT, Tas or WA .










ELKHORN FERNPlatycerium bifurcatum

Platycerium bifurcatum is the wonderful native hanging fern with a shield base from which grow huge antlers like a reindeers. They attach themselves to trees in rainforest areas and will multiply right up to a huge mass to about one metre. Native to the East Coast Of Australia, New Caledonia and New Guinea. Easy to grow in a protected garden in filtered light to morning sun. Liquid fertilise often.

We are selling 3 sizes of Elkhorn Fern, they are;

Small (10-12cm wide)
Fronds 20cm long…..Priced at $12

Medium (14-18cm wide)
Fronds 30cm long…..Priced $19

Large (18-20cm wide)
Fronds 30cm or longer……Priced at $25

Please note these Elkhorns are mounted.








…Masses of Red Blooms & Red Foliage…Loropetalum chinense 'Pink'


(2m*ABCD) Loropetalum chinense ‘Pink’ will present you with absolutely masses of fragrant pink blooms with unusual straplike petals in spring and other times as well. This one has unusual red foliage. Dark woody horizontal stems give a graceful oriental look. Native of China and Japan. Likes a lightly shaded to full sun position. Also a lovely tub plant and speccy hedge. Suited to all areas.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $25











….Huge Double Winter Flowers….Camellia japonica ‘Debutante’


(1.2mFABC) Camellia japonica ‘Debutante’. This lovely Japonica Camellia will give you clear pink full peony form flowers from autumn through to spring. Excellent cut flowers. They have medium sized oval shaped glossy dark leaves luxuriantly foliated. Vigorous upright bushy growth habit. Native to Japan, these are cold hardy easy to grow. Likes part sun to light shade in a well drained position. Any climate.

….Priced at $9.90 each (150 Parries)











WILD IRISDietes iridioides

(1mFABCD) Dietes iridioides (syn. vegeta). This is a clumping plant with straplike arching foliage and lovely white Iris like flowers with yellow and a dash of purple in the centres. Good border, rockery and background plant or can be mass planted.. Native to South Africa. For all climates this plant is very hardy and frost resistant. Semi shade to full sun. These are small plants in 45mm pots.

…..Priced at $2.90 (150 Parries) Maximum Buy is 60 plants.











ELECTRIC LIME CLUB MOSSSelaginella kraussiana lime

(20cmAbcD) Selaginella species is an unusual fern like plant. The fronds are bright green and finely divided into masses of tiny leaflets. This is a very attractive fern ally that forms a neat clump and is quite hardy. Club Moss is suited to pots or ground culture in a protected position. Small plants can be collected from under if the area is moist and warm. Club Moss like warm, protected shady conditions. These are big plants in 125mmm pots.

…..Priced at $15.90 each












…Bright Longlasting Featherlike Spikes…Vriesea kalisto


(35cmABCD) Vriesea kalisto is a spectacular Bromeliad with long lasting multi branching feather like flowers on a 30cm stem from a funnel of flat leaves. The ‘feather heads’ are bright red. Will grow and flower in light to medium shade. It can be grown in a pot in a well drained mix and will multiply.Good indoors but likes humidity. South American in origin most Vriesias are epiphytes that attach themselves to trees. Light shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (250 Parries)









blechnum gibbum


(1mABcD) Blechnum gibbum is a magnificent specimen in the ground or in a tub. Appealing radiating tussocks of finely divided strongly arching glossy fronds. When older develops a slender trunk to 30cm. Native to New Caledonia this Blechnum is suited to most climates but needs warmth in the Tablelands and Tasmania. Shade. In 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries)










Acer palmatum


(4mABCm) Acer palmatum
This is a gorgeous ornate plant turning gold, orange and red before winter when it finally drops its leaves for a couple of months. Interesting star like maple type leaves. Great for rockeries pots and Japanese style gardens. For all areas except tropical.

….Priced at $8.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $23










BLUE CURLSEcheveria ‘Blue Curls’

Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’
Amazing colours for you. This is a very strong pink strain when stressed with cold weather or fertiliser deficiency. This is a highly rated cactus in the Collectors Series. Hard to get cactus, which forms unusually shaped rosettes of succulent everchanging crinkled leaves. Keep on the dry side in a well drained position. Bright light to full sun but keep out of lengthy rain. Sent in 100mm Pots.

…..Priced at $15.90 each









INDIGOIndigofera tinctoria

(1.5m) Indigofera tinctoria
Used over a very long period as a amazing deep blue dye. This is an attractive shrub. Light green pinnate leaves and attractive pink to violet flowers. Fermentation of the foliage produces a permanent blue dye reputed for fastness and clarity. Also employed as a hair colouring. This is a legume so adds nitrogen to your soil. Warm position. Deciduous in colder climates.

…..Priced at $12.90 each







Ceratostigma griffithii


(1mAbCd) Ceratostigma griffithii
A beautiful low growing deciduous shrub hailing from China. Blooms in summer with clusters of marvelous purpley blue flowers, along with the plant’s lush bright green foliage with purple on the leaves edges. Allowing the flowers stand out! And you will be stunned to find out during autumn, the leaves will turn to a vibrant red with flowers still on! Low maintenance plant and drought tolerant. Full sun to light shade.

….Priced at $8.90 each (180 Parries) or 3 for $23










EGYPTIAN STAR CLUSTERPentas lanceolata ‘Red’

(1mABCD) Pentas lanceolata ‘Red’
Terminal masses of red flowers in clusters 12cm across will provide you with a quick display of colour thru all the warm months. Light green foliage 15cm long. These are fast growers. Prune back prior to Spring growth. Nip back young buds to encourage bushiness.

…..Priced at $7.90 each














Odontocidium Sunlight Pesky Panther


Odontocidium Sunlight ‘Pesky Panther’

Tall branching spikes on mature plants of approx 50mm heavily patterned flowers. Shadehouse conditions, cool tolerant. These plants are 150mm tall in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $18.90 each









Phalaenopsis Ox Black Tea

Phalaenopsis Ox Black Tea

Beautifully patterned and marked pink flowers of medium size, very striking. These plants are 150mm tall in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $18.90 each









Cyathea brownii


(3-6m AbcD) Cyathea brownii is a very hardy and fast growing tree fern from Norfolk Is. Its thick trunk is patterned by oval scars left by old fronds. Lovely soft radiating fronds that drop off as more grow above. Easily grown in a moist position in filtered or morning sun. Will tolerate full sun if mulched and moist. In 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries)










Osmunda japonica


(1mABC) Osmunda japonica
Bright, light green rounded foliage and growing to one metre this is a beautiful native of East Asia,Japan & Korea. Edible! Good in a pot or in the ground. Prefers moist soil. Will tolerate direct sun light if in very wet soil. Semi shade or no sunlight.

…..Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries)



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 Worsleya procera flowers



Worsleya procera. This is the legendary Blue Amaryllus. One of the worlds most sought after plants. These young worlseyas are in a 110mm pot standing 30cm tall out of the pot with a base diameter of 1.3cm. From top of the pot to the tip of the tallest leaf is 30cm tall.

…..Priced at $95













….Worlds Most Spectacular Flowers….Jade Vine, Strongylodon macrobotrys


(VAbD) Strongylodon macrobotrys.
It’s colour is unique in the entire world, its flowers are superb & it can be grown in warm areas, outside the tropics. There are few greater rewards than the Jade Vine in full bloom (Macaboy). Its flowers are a soft irredescent Jade blue-green and appear in summer for many months in long hanging racemes of amazing sickle-shaped pea blossoms. This is a flower you need to see to appreciate. The Jade Vine is a strong stemmed, woody, twining creeper with dense glossy dark green leaves. From the Phillipines. Outside the tropics, you will need a warm, sunny, well drained position. Morning sun to full sun.

…..Priced at $39 (450 Parries) each

Restricted to 1 Jade Vine per customer.











….A Collectors Must…Rare Variety….

WHITEI FERNDrynaria Whitei

(1m**ABCD) Drynaria rigidula cv. whitei. This rare variety from the Glasshouse Mountains throws new fronds right through the warm months and holds more foliage than other types. This plant is so highly sought but seldom obtainable. An unusual basket fern with big wide frilly arching fronds to 1m long and short erect nest leaves. Native to Nth NSW and QLD. Easily grown in a pot or hanger in a well drained mix. Full sun or shade. These are big plants 40cm tall plus in 130mm pots full of rhizome.

…..Priced at $29.00 each











VANILLA ORCHID VINEVanilla planifolia

Vanilla planifolia (Syn. V. fragrans) is an attractive sought vine with and highly clusters of golden flowers which produce pods. Natural Vanilla is sourced from the pods and is used in the production of ice cream, cakes and beverages. The pods are also used in the manufacture of perfume and is great in pot pourri. This climbing orchid vine is a member of the Family Orchidaceae and can reach up to 15m in the tropics. It is free growing in the sub tropical areas and must have very well drained conditions. Suited to coastal climates in a warm spot…morning sun or light shade. These plants are about 200mm tall. Sent in 70mm pot.

…..Priced at $14.90 each (200 Parries)









Dichorisandra thyrsifolia

….Brilliant & Easy to Grow….


(1.2mABCD) Dichorisandra thysiflora. Vivid violet blue long lasting blooms from summer to autumn. The spirally arranged leaves are glossy as are its cane like (ringed) stems. This is an interesting and spectacular plant. Requires a well drained soil or pot in the shade. Filtered light.

…..Priced at $9.90 (200 Parries)











GIANT HOSTA LILYHosta plantaginea 'Grandiflora'

(40cm*FABCD) Hosta plantaginea ‘Grandiflora’. Plantain Lily it produces many large pure white spikes of fragrant tubular bell shaped flowers on top of its large soft velvety green foliage which forms a mound. Brings that luscious mid green colour to your garden. Blooms in summer. Dormant in winter. Takes shade, cold, dry & wet in its stride. Native from Japan. Keep soil moist. Part shade to full shade.

…..Priced at $15.90 (350 Parries)











Pityrogramma calomelanos



(60cmAD) Pityrogramma calomelanos var. austroamericana has unusual coatings of gold dust on the undersides of its fine lacy fronds. It is hardy to full sun for most of the day and is best suited to a warm well lit situation. Best suited in the subtropics and warmer and resent cold wet and shady situations. From 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $12.90 (180 Parries)














Cordyline Pink Diamond


(2mAbcD) Cordyline fruiticosa ‘Pink Diamond’
Outstanding vibrant green leaves with bright pink stripes. Will add a tropical feel to your garden! Cordylines will give your garden colour all year round and you will enjoy the colours that developes even more as these plants age. A popular landscaping plant! Full sun.

….Priced at $7.90 each (150 Parries)











Zingiber peninsularis red hot poker


(2mABCD) Zingiber peninsulare
Exotic foliage and bright red clustered cones will surprise you in summer. Zingiber peninsulare is considered a small shrub and can be grown as a decorative screen beneath tree as they do in their natural environment adding variety to your garden scene and also a great container plant. Native to Thailand. Water regularly. Part Shade. Deciduous in winter.

…..Priced at $13.90 each (350 Parries)












Amorphophallus konjac



(1mFABCD) Amorphophallus konjac. A very interesting Amorphophallus with a large eyecatching purple spathe and spadix. Its got a very attractive snake patterned skin and a very surprising single leaf that unfurls after its winter dormancy. Its likely to flower every couple of years and the winter bulbs will multiply for you.Konjac is a native of eastern Asia. Drought tolerant and frost hardy. Full sun to part shade. We are sending these as small bulbs in a pot.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (250 Parries)












Agave geminiflora

Agave Geminiflora

(60cmFABCD) A hardy upright, rounded rosette of narrow dark green leaves. A matured plant will reach around 60cm in height and 60cm in width. A narrow flower spike 4 metres tall with greenish flowers near the base that are flushed with red and purple. Brilliant as a pot specimen. Full sun to part shade frost & drought tolerant.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (250 Parries)












…Shrub with Brilliant Red Bracts…

CLIMBING MUSSAENDAQuisqualis falcata var. mussaenda Syn. Combretum

(2m*AbcD) Quisqualis falcata var. mussaenda Syn. Combretum. Brilliant big red bracts with contrasting small white flowers makes this viney shrub something to behold. From the Congo it flowers on the new growth so cut it back after flowering. Pruning this way will keep it compact as a shrub. Full sun.

….Priced at $8.90 (150 Parries) each or 3 for $23













El MIRADORES GOLDAgave desmettiana El Miradores Gold

(1mABCD) *Agave desmettiana ‘El Miradores Gold’. A rare and spectacular specimen succulent. Has lovely shiny recurved highly sculptured variegated foliage with golden edges. When it flowers it sends up a spectacular 3m spike with golden flowers. A native of Mexico it is very fast growing and hardy..almost indestructable. Great in a large pot or in the ground. Matures at 1mx1m at about 5 years. Protect from heavy frost, handles moist or dry conditions. Full sun or shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (250 Parries)










Abutilon megapotamicum variegatum


(1.5mABcD) Abutilon megapotamicum
Maroon lanterns with an eyecatching pale yellow flower with maroon veins & an extra flower from the centre! The flowers appear on the branching stems. The jagged edged leaves are green. Blooms early in spring and can be long lasting until autumn, or even through to winter in mild climates. An evergreen shrub, native to Brazil. It is heat tolerant and takes a light frost. Light shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $21














LILY OF THE VALLEYClethra arborea flower

(4m*Abd) Clethra arborea ‘Lily of the Valley’. You will enjoy this treat for your eyes with its small white or pink fragrant flowers in drooping sprays Summer bloomer. Evergreen tall shrub. The foliage is dense with attractive glossy leaves up to 7 cm long. Part shade to full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries)















DROOPING LEUCOTHOELeucothoe fontanesiana 'Girard's Rainbow'

(1m*FAbCD) Leucothoe fontanesiana ‘Girard’s Rainbow’. A striking hybrid with elegant arching multicoloured foliage! In spring this evergreen shrub produces perfect clusters of small scented pure white bell shaped flowers. The long leathery shiny leaves hangs underneath the arching red branches. Spring flushes are a rich mix of cream, green and coppery colour. As the leaves age, the colours turn into dark green with creamy white spots. Leucothoe makes a handsome ground cover and helps bring colour to shaded areas in your garden! Needs a well drained soil, keep moist and cool. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (170 Parries) or 3 for $23














PINK CASCADE TEATREELeptospermum Pink Cascade

(1m**FABCD) Leptospermum scoparium ‘Pink Cascade’ is very different native with its contrasting deep bright pink flowers and lovely very dark hanging foliage. Long lasting flowers and narrow short pointed foliage. This is a highly ornamental prolific flowering cultivar .Frost resistant and suited to all climates. Will grow in full sun through to heavy shade 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $8.90 (150 Parries) each









Phal Yukidian

Phal. Sogo Yukidian

Very large flowered white moth orchid, with cascading sprays. These plants are 160mm tall in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $17.90 each










Dendrobium Sogo Blue planet


Dendrobium Blue Planet

Large flowered cerise/violet intermediate hardcane Dendrobium, flat flowers with good shape and display. These plants are 200mm tall in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $18.90 each











Dryopteris Crispa Whiteside


(45cmABCD) Dryopteris dilata ‘Crispa Whiteside’ is an elegant, spreading semi-evergreen fern, with graceful, deeply dissected triangular fronds, prettily crisped at the margins. Attractive in ground in shade. Keeping its leaves through most winters. Part shade. Sent in 90mm pots.

…..Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries)









Adiantum aethiopicum



(50cmAbcD) Adiantum aethiopicum
This is a rich green densely foliaged, medium growing Maid. Will grow in full sun with enough moisture Maidenhairs require warm bushhouse or sheltered conditions. Keep under cover & under watering is best. Sent in 90mm pots.

….Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries)



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RIBERRY LILLYPILLYSyzygium luehmanniibmp

(8m**EdRfABCD) Syzygium leuhmanii has prolific fluffy white flowers in in summer with red juicy edible fruit in autumn. A magnificent densely foliaged tree with pink tipped new growth. Sydney’s Riberries Restaurant is named after it, (they serve its fruit) and there are several fine speciman trees in Sydneys inner suburbs. Will grow in most areas except the cold tablelands, Its frost resistance is unknown to us. Native to NSW and QLD rainforest. Full sun or shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21










…Fantastic Hedge Plant…

*CAROLBackhousia myrtifolia

(3m**RfFABCDe) Backhousea myrtifolia. Outstanding dense foliage. Carol bears prolific white flowers in large clusters in summer followed by small seed capsules with attractive & persistent white calyx lobes that look like flowers and last for months! Carol’s leaves are highly fragrant (myrtle) when crushed. You can rub some crushed leaf on as an insect repellent. Good wood for tools. Is all the go as a 1-2m hedge. Native to rainforest from Bega Sthn NSW to Fraser Island, Central QLD. Will grow in all areas & is frost resistant. Full sun to semi-shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (120 Parries) or 3 for $21











(VAbcD) Hoya Los Banos. This is an amazing beautiful hoya. Clusters of gold reflexed star like flowers with a maroon centre. Flowers in a huge clusters of 12 flowers per cluster. Non twining Good drainage & light to part sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries)











…Delicious Pink Flesh …Not White…


(4.5mAbcD) Hylocereus undatusHylocereus undatus pink fruit
This is the delicious Pink fleshed one not the tasteless white fleshed one they sell in Super-markets! aka Pitaya & Strawberry Pear. Hylocereus undatus is a weird climbing cactus-huge juicy delicious edible pink fruit (1kg) with a pink flesh. Its giant white fragrant flowers are 30cm across in late spring and summer. They appear only during the night! This cactus will climb up a wall or a tree and quickly develops multiple trunks. Vivid green three cornered stems. Will grow in desert but easy to grow elsewhere. Needs winter protection in cooler areas. Full sun or bright light. These cuttings are 20cm long.

…..Priced at $5.90 each or 3 for $14.90












(1-2mAbcD) Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘Roseflake’ has the amazing coloured foliage in shades of creamy white, green and red. A tropical shrub featuring small attractive bright red flowers. Full sun to light shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21









Aloe deltiodeodonta


(30cmFABCD) Leaves with tiny white specks. Orange flowers on top of the foliage. Grows to 30 cm and will multiply beautifully forming an eyecatching clump. The epiphet ‘deltoideodonta’ means triangular teeth in reference to the shape of the teeth on the leaf margin. From Madagascar. Requires good drainage & water sparingly. Grow it in full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 each(170 Parries)













(2-3mFRfEdABCD) Eugenia brasiliensis (Syn E.dombeya)
Grumichama is famous the world over as a fruit producing Eugenia brasiliensis flowerornamental rainforest tree. Its flowers develop into a thin skinned cherry sized dark red fruit which ripens in one month to a glossy black – only 1-2 seeds. Excellent eating with a sweet flesh suitable for eating fresh, making jam or jelly and wine. The tree is small and highly ornamental with its dense dark green leathery oval foliage & bronze new growth and masses of small pure white flowers. This is a frost hardy plant from Southern Brazil & will grow in all mild climates.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries) or 3 for $25











BURDEKIN PLUMPleiogynium timorense

(8m**ABCD) Pleiogynum timorense is a lovely native tree with edible purple plum like fruits about 4cm across. Very attractive with red new growth, rough bark and a dense crown …making it a great shade tree. This amazing small tree is highly suited to planting in the dry inland and also cool areas. They withstand frost by becoming deciduous in winter. Burdekin Plum comes from Gympie and Central QLD in dry and subtropical rainforest. Full sun or light shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $25











(3mABcDE) Cordia superba
Absolutely covered in bright white flowers that contrasts with its dark green foliage. After pollination, small sized ivory coloured fruits appears which attracts birds. Great shade and likely to drop foliage in winter in cooler areas. Native to Brazil. Drought tolerant. This great tall shrub will get to 6m in the tropics. Prefers well drained sandy soil. Strong wood that has ornamental and specialty uses. Semi deciduous. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $8.90 (200 Parries) or 3 for $23












CHRISTMAS PRIDERuellia macranthra

(1.5mABCD) Ruellia macranthra. This is a great colourful shrub with bright purple-pink open flared bell flowers on short stems. Gets a spread of 1m. Medium soft light green foliage. A native of Brazil but can be grown in colder climates. Great in the ground or in a pot, especially in colder climates where more protection can be given. Suited to warm and coastal climates. Full sun.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21








Arthura Sea Snake



Vigorous spider type Orchid, with very tall spikes of strongly patterned flowers. These plants are 150mm tall and are sent in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $17.90















Hardcane type Dendrobium with very dark grape purple flowers of medium size on upright spikes. These plants are 170mm tall and are sent 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $17.90












….White Crepe Like Flowers….Cheilocostus speciosus


(1.8m**AbcD) Cheilocostus speciosus. Will present you with lovely paper thin white flowers with crumpled lips like silk crepe. The flowers emerge one at a time from a soft red cone like structure at the branch ends. This is a strong flowering plant. Likes part shade. Grows in frost free temperate areas as well as tropical. Sent in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $12.90 (180 Parries)












Jaboticaba aka Brazilian Grape Treemyrciaria cauliflora

(3mEdAbcD) Myrciaria caulifora will give you delicious black grape-plum sized fruit that grows straight out of the branches of this unusual little tree. Will produce up to 6 crops a year. Prized for its sweet juicy fruit & makes a famous Brazilian wine. Will take mild frost to -3oC for 2-3 hrs only when established but not as a baby. This is a yummy little tree… its branches get covered in white powder puff flowers before fruiting. What an unusual sight! Small attractive foliage & pretty orange stems. A goer from Sydney-Perth north. Must have good drainage. Good for Bonsai. Full sun to light shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $25











Khaya senegalensis


(20mAbcD) Khaya senegalensis is a stately forest tree used widely through the warm areas of the world as a street, ornamental & shade tree. Eye catching grey flaky bark is a another feature. Also great timber tree now used in plantation forestry. For warm areas north of Coffs Harbour or Geraldton WA. Full sun. Does not mind swampy soils.

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Dypsis decaryii



(6mABcD) Dypsis decaryii
An amazing fast growing palm tree. Spectacular grey green foliage. Produces yellow and green flowers followed by black berries. Blooms all year in suitable climates. Native to Madagascar. Water regularly. Prefers sandy soil. Avoid poor draining clay soil and overwatering. Not suitable for rainy climates. Drought tolerant. Full sun to part shade.

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FICUS GREEN ISLANDFicus microcarpa 'Green Island'

(1.5m**AbcD) Ficus microcarpa ‘Green Island’
This is a curious small native fig which tends to spread out sideways and is easy to train as a ground-hugging shrub clinging closely to rocks or across a bed. Green Island has thick roundish leaves that are dark green and shiny. It does well in low or medium light and is really easy to maintain indoors. This is a low maintenance plant & proven great for bonsai. Develops a thick trunk and aerial roots at a relatively early age. Shade or sun.

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…Don’t Miss Me…

BANANA BUSHTabernaemantana pandacaqui banana bush

(2m*,**RfAbcD) Tabernaemontana pandacaqui. This is a weird but highly prized native that grows fruit that look like bright little orange bananas (non edible) after flowering with unusual white fragrant flowers that look like helicopter rotors! They have five petals which fuse to form a tube. Native to rainforest in Qld and Nthn NSW. Tropical glossy dark green foliage. Also makes an excellent container plant and takes clipping. Suited to warm climates north of Coffs Harbour NSW or equivalent. Partial sun to full sun.

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….Unusual Yellow Form….Holmskioldia sanguinea Yellow chinese hat plant


(3mABCD) Holmskioldia sanguinea ‘Yellow’. Unusual and curious yellow flowers shaped like a Chinese hat from late spring to autumn. They are clustered in dense terminal bunches. The ‘hat’ is actually a disc-like bract from which rises a tubular flower. This is a strong grower with long trailing canes and is suitable for espalier. For warm temperate to tropical climates in a sunny sheltered position.

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…Arching Foliage…Orange Flowers…

ORANGE CORAL BUSHRussellia equisitiformis orange

(1.5mFABCD) Russellia equisitiformis ‘Orange’. If you want an attractive small shrub with instant small prolific brilliant orange tubular flowers in large sprays this one is for you. Beautiful light green arching foliage with soft needle like leaves. All new growth cascades from the centre of the plant. This little beauty is a native of Mexico and grows in most climates except the coldest tablelands. Great in the garden or cascading over a bank or water feature etc. Full sun to light shade.

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(40cmAbcDE) Ixora chinensis ‘Pirates Gold’. This one will give you startling groups of yellow gold flowers on spikes in spring, summer and autumn. Attractive lush green shiny leaves. Great for some extra colour around other taller shrubs. Perfect hedge, borders or containers. Slow growing. Requires a warm frostfree climate. Sun or light shade.

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Mclnra. Yellow Stars

Mclnra. Yellow Stars

Vigorous growing spider orchid, long sprays of bright yellow star shaped flowers. Shadehouse. Near flowering size.

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Rth. Roy’s Magic

Rth. Roy’s Magic

Medium sized clear yellow Cattleya, most having red splashing on the petal tips. Rth is short for Rhyncattleanthe. Flowering size.

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CARROT FERN Onychium japonicum

(45cmABCD) Onychium japonicum is an attractive fern with erect finely divided fronds to 45cm tall. Blue-green foliage. Easily grown in a moist position in filtered light. All climates. Suitable for pots & baskets. In 100mm pots.

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SILVER HARE’S FOOT FERNhumata tyermanii

(1mABCD) (Syn Rabbits Foot Fern) Humata tyermanni. The Silver Haresfoot with bright carrot like foliage and silver haired rhizomes. Handsome fine foliaged fern which develops an unusual strong haired rhizome, looking like a haresfoot. It is found on rocks or trees in rainforest or protected areas of open forest. Filtered Light. Sent in 100mm pots.

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(VineAbcD) Epipremnum aureumEpipremnum aureum
Lovely shiny golden variegated foliage with this wonderful highly sought climbing plant. It’s virtually carefree and is attractively leafy. Great indoors..takes low or bright light and doesn’t mind collecting indoor pollutants from your house. Also takes waterlogging. Let your Golden Pothos climb up a stake where it will set aerial roots. These plants are in 70mm pots and are about 25 cm long and firing on all cylinders. Low light through to full sun.

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Austromyrtus tenuifolia 'Copper Tops'


(1m**RfEdAbCD) Austromyrtus tenuifolia ‘Copper Tops’
This one is topped with attractive copper toned new growth. There are very few of this beautiful little plant left in its native habitat in NSW and QLD. Its dense unusual narrow foliage has a splendid compact soft appearance. White flowers in summer or autum, followed by whitish edible berries. A great speciman, hedge or screen plant, suited to all frostfree areas. Part shade to full sun if well mulched.

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JOHN KLASS REDCordyline John Klass

2cmAbcD) Cordyline fruticosa ‘John Klass Red’
Brilliant bright
red & dark green
margins. Good
indoors but don’t
overwater in
winter. Shade
or morning sun.
Part to full shade or morning sun.











(45cmAbCD) Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Childsiana’Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Childsiana'
Lovely dwarf Calla Lily with white, trumpet-like flowers on short stems, blooming from late winter to spring. Smooth textured green arrow shaped leaves. This one is ideal for containers, borders, pond margins and cut flowers. Prefers moist, well drained soil in a sunny to partly shaded position. Keep moist in dry weather and divide clumps when necessary. In 70mm pots. Full sun to part shade.

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(30cmFABC) Liriope muscariLiriope muscari
Lovely dark violet bell shaped flowers in long heads will be yours in summer and autumn. There are heaps of these tiny flowers on each head and heaps of heads! The light green straplike foliage forms dense attractive arching clumps. Good as a container plant inside and out or as a border or groundcover, especially as under trees and in dark shady places. Native to China & Japan, suited to all climates except possibly tropical. In 70mm pots. Full to part shade.

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Phalaenopsis Golden Star

Phalaenopsis Golden Star

New release moth orchid with bright yellow flowers and a contrasting red lip. Best grown indoors or very low light position. These plants are in 70mm pots approx 150mm leaf Span.

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*BIRD OF PARADISEStrelizia reginae

(1mFABCD) Strelitzia reginae. Has the exotic bird like flowers in contrasting bright orange and blue. A remarkable plant it is amazingly drought resistant and withstands lows of minus 8oC. Splendid in floral arrangements and as feature plants. Florists are able to sell just a single flower at a premium. Full sun.

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SNAKE LILYAmorphophallus bulbifer

(1mABCDe) Amorphophallus bulbifer
Your Snake Lily will be a great talking piece as it goes through its strange life cycle. The one metre stem is patterned like a carpet snake skin and unfurls into an interesting leaf arrangement. At around its third year it will push up a thick short stem which produces a lovely pink arum flower.After flowering bright red fruit is produced on the spadix. There is a seed inside each fruit..Snake Lily dies off in autumn each year & comes back in spring. Dappled shade to full sun in a moist position. These are seedlings.

…..Priced at $14.90 (180 Parries)

PS Amorphophallus species produce some of the worlds most amazing flowering arrangements.












…Arching Foliage…Red Flowers…Russellia equisitiformis 'Red'


(1.5mFABCD) Russellia equisitiformis ‘Red’. If you want an attractive small shrub with instant small prolific red tubular flowers in large sprays this one is for you. Beautiful light green arching foliage with soft needle like leaves. All new growth cascades from the centre of the plant. Most climates except the coldest tablelands. Great in the garden or cascading over a bank or water feature etc. Full sun to light shade.

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….Unusual Mini Cordyline…


Cordyline compacta(1mAD) This is an interesting miniature Cordyline with shiny chocolate to dark red foliage. Something different in the garden it has short rounded shiny foliage. Cordylines can be grown in a pot or in the ground and when they grow more than your desired height just cut back and they will resprout and you will have good cutting material to grow more. Cordylines have great foliage colours and continually colour your garden. They like warm climates and good drainage in a protected position. Part to full shade.

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HOYA NEW GUINEA GOLD ‘SIDEA’Hoya PNG New Star Backwards Cluster

(VAbcD) Hoya coronarium. This is an amazingly beautiful hoya with thick gold solid star shaped flowers and thickish slightly crinkled. Takes full sun and handled our winter outside down to 5oC. At least morning sun recommended. This is an eriostemma hoya. We collected this one right on the edge of the ocean on the island of Sidea 4 hours out of Alotau off the eastern end of Papua New Guinea.

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LITTLE PENDAXanthostemon verticillatus

aka Bloomfield Penda (2-5mRf**,*AbD) Xanthostemon verticillatus has a very showy, pale yellow cream flowers and small dainty dark green foliage.Flowers young with attractive fragrance. Blooms in spring. Very floriferous. Native to North QLD, a small area along the Daintree and Bloomfield rivers. This attractive shrub flowers every now and then throughout the year. Grows to about 2m in height in cultivation…so it makes a great container plant. It is slow growing. Full sun and partial shade.Classified vulnerable in nature. Very bushy .Warm coastal areas.

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*CUBAN PINK TRUMPET TREEtabebuia pallida

(8mABcDe) Tabebuia pallida
Gorgeous white to pale pink trumpet shaped flowers with yellow throats. Flowers several times throughout spring and summer. Glossy green leaves. Semi deciduous. Native to the Caribbean. Drought tolerant once established. Well drained soil. Full sun to part shade.

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Pineapple DyckiaDyckia brevifolia

Dyckia brevifolia. 20cm bright orange – yellow flowers…Compact green small grower.

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Hardcane type, flowering size plants. Rain proof cover especially in winter, warmer grower, bright, but indirect sun position. Flowering size 300mm tall in a 100mm pot.

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Tall upright spikes of 50mm orange to yellow flowers overlaid with contrasting spotting. These gorgeous plants have140mm leaf span in 80mm pots.

…..Priced at $19.90 each












SPRINGTIME HAWTHORNRhaphiolepis indica Springtime

(1.5m*AbCE) Rhaphiolepis indica ‘Springtime’
Scented pink star shaped flowers. Blooming in spring and summer and throughout the year in warm climates. The flowers are easily contrasted by it’s shiny dark green foliage. This evergreen shrub makes and excellent addition to the garden or as a hedge. Tolerant of light frost and dry conditions. Well drained soil. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $21












Laelia purpurata var. CarneaLaelia purpurata var. Carnea

Brilliant large flowered Cattleya style species. Big white flowers with a pastel pink lip. These plants are about 130mm tall in small 50mm pots ready to pot up.

…..Priced at $14.90 each












Wilsonara Eye Candy 'Penny Candy'

Wilsonara Eye Candy ‘Penny Candy’

Oncidiun style with upright spikes of medium sized tesselated white and light red flowers. These plants are in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $19.90 each












(6mRfEdAbDe) Syzygium uniflora explodes into white fluffy flowers and delicious red edible 2.5cm fruits. The fruit can also be used to make tasty jellies and jams. Attractively shaped leaves and makes a nice speciman, screen, hedge or pot plant. Bird attracting. Brazil Cherry needs a partially shaded position in a well drained soil. Warm districts. Full sun or part shade.

…..Priced at $8.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $23













Phalaenopsis Lianher Happy SongPhal Lianher Happy Song

New release Moth Orchid with very strong colour contrasts. Best suited to a warm protected low light location outside or indoors all year round with no direct sun. Near flowering size….160mm leaf span.

…..Priced at $18.90 each










Dendrobium Burana Pearl x Den. Chao Praya SweetDendrobium Burana Pearl x Den. Chao Praya Sweet

Mini to compact growing hardcane Dendrobium, with long spikes of medium size (50mm) flowers with deep maroon in the throat. Covered rain protection best, bright but indirect light position. Abundant water in the warmer months. Near flowering size in 70mm pots…..160mm tall.

…..Priced at $17.90 each










….Brilliant & Unusual Flowers….


(3m*FmABCD) Brugmansia ‘Frilly Pink’ will give you huge (25cm) pink frilled trumpet flowers in late spring & summer. Very fast growing they have velvety light green foliage and are native to Peru, Colombia & Chile. Will survive a mild frost. Suited to all areas except the harshest. Full or part sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries)
NB; Like many plants this one has a narcotic content and if anyone is silly enough to cook it up & eat, it can have deadly consequences!








Cattleya Chian Tzy Guiding

Cattleya Chian Tzy Guiding

Miniature growing Cattleya, star shaped dark magenta flowers. These plants are 100m tall in 50mm pots.

…..Priced at $12.90











PINSTRIPE GINGERAlpinia formosana flower

(1.3mAbcD) Alpinia formosana
Unusual white pinstriped leaves & eyecatching spikes of pink & white flowers will greet you in late spring & summer. It is a smaller clumping grower to 1.3m. Likes warm climates but you can probably grow outside the sub-tropics in frostfree areas although it will go into dormancy. Part or morning sun to light shade. Brilliant plant.

….Priced at $15.90 each (200 Parries)













AGLAONEMA ‘SNOW WHITE’Aglaonema Snow white

(1mAD) Nicely marked succulent looking foliage with white stripes. Aglaonemas are soothing foliage plants that are great under dull light conditions. Great in a pot inside or out or in a subtropical garden.

…..Priced at $8.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $23












Phalaenopsis Chia Shing Fire KissPhalaenopsis Chia Shing Fire Kiss

Compact growing new release imported, dark maroon pink flowers with a very unusual big pansy lip. Indoor conditions, low light position, no direct sun. These plants are 140mm tall, leaf span and are in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $17.90












…Unusual Ginger…

SWEET AFRICAN COSTUSCostus lucanusiansus

(2mAbcD) Costus lucanusiansus.
A collectors Costus it has 2 white, pink and yellow flowers at a time from green bracts. Africa. Foliage makes an attractive feature. Likes a well composted position and moisture. Most of the Gingers can be cut back prior to their spring flush when they reshoot vigorously off a strong rhizome. Will grow in warm temperate areas. Shade or part sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $29











Dendrobium BubblegumDendrobium Bubblegum

Violet blue hardcane type, flowers from compact plants. Shadehouse, but does best with solid roof cover in a bright but indirect light position. These plants are in 70mm pots and are 150mm tall.

…..Priced at $17.90









Epidendrum Rasberry Valley

Mini growing white crucifix. Best in a warm bright position, these are not a full sun type. These plants are 130mm tall in 70mm pots

…..Priced at $16.90









Rlc. Chief Sunny ‘Dragon’Rlc Chief Sunny 'Dragon'

Compact growing Cattleya with medium size orange flowers having red petal splashing. These are in 70mm pots

…..Priced at $16.90












Epidendrum Wedding Valley ‘Sakura’Epidendrum Wedding Valley 'Sakura'

New release Crucifix Orchid, soft pink flowers with white petal tips and in the lip. Bright but indirect light position, keep moist in the warmer months for best results. These plants 200mm tall in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $16.90 each











…Powder from Rhizome Sells for $1000/Kg…

ZINGIBER AROMATICUMZingiber aromaticum

(2mEdAbcD) Zingiber aromaticum Syn. Zingiber zerumbet (L.) Smith. Nice landscaper with lovely basal cone bracts with white yellow flowers coming out of the bracts. Young rhizome tips, new shoots and the flowers can be cooked or eaten raw or put in a blender. Zingiber aromaticum has many medinical properties including anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer properties.The rhizome powder sells for $1000 a kilogram at a Gold Coast Cancer Clinic (see Doctors are Dangerous.com) it is so well thought of there. Native to India. Dormant in winter if a cold winter. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (250 Parries)









….Startling Wedding Flower Variety….

CREAM TURMERIC – Wedding FlowerCurcuma longa syn. domestica

(70cmEdAD) Curcuma longa syn. domestica. This variety of Turmeric is also known as the Wedding flower as that is what it is renowned for. Gorgeous 30cm white and green bracts with startling yellow flowers emerging. This is a great cut flower.Yes it still has medicinal values but not as high a curcumin concentration as our Orange rhizomed variety. The young buds and new leaf are delicious fresh and used in cooking and you can cook fish in the older leaves.Warm conditions but a cold winter will not harm the foliage as it is deciduous. Full sun or shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $25










Dendrobium Emma McKinney Moller ‘Forever’Dendrobium Emma McKinney Moller 'Forever'

Mini compact growing hardcane type, pure white flowers with a darker maroon centre. Near flowering size in 80mm pots.

…..Priced at $17.90 each




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…WA & SA, Tas & NT Customers….

There is an very old alert for Myrtle Rust still standing in WA & NT the following potential host genus are not allowed entry for probably an extended period:
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