Spectacular Gingers & Other Amazing Exotic Plants

Spectacular Gingers & Other Amazing Exotic Plants 2016

Plants termed Gingers come from several different families and many varying species. They are usually associated with the tropics because of their lush foliage, amazing flowers and lovely scent. Many however are native to high altitude areas in Southern Asia and are tolerant of cooler climates. Many will grow in warm temperate gardens if given a protected, well drained position and plenty of mulch. All are clumping plants and many, including the Hedychium species grow on a strong rhizome which is a starch filled thickened root. As a rule the Gingers prefer a humus rich, moist but well drained soil in a partly shaded position. Similar to Gingers in some ways the spectacular Heliconias also grow on a rhizome.In cooler warm temperate climates the foliage suffers over winter and can be cut back in early spring for new foliage to quickly re-establish. Gingers flower for very long periods in summer.

Many can be grown in pots and some make good indoor plants. Most are excellent for cut blooms and some are sensational. Gingers are fast growing and rewarding plants for you to grow.
You can use them to turn any size  garden into a lushe tropical looking garden where you can relax.
There is a lovely array of them and we will be bringing more to your doorstep over the years. Sometimes they will be released in this list prior to our monthly catalogue. Our plants are sent in pots 140 mm deep and 70mm wide across the top.

More Amazing Plants

Gingers, Heliconias, Amorphophallus, Blue Amaryllus, Pamianthe, Bromeliads, Bat Plant
Cordylines, Dracaena & Worlds Best Climbers.


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….Worlds Most Spectacular Flowers….

JADE VINEJade Vine,Strongylodon macrobotrys

(VAbD) Strongylodon macrobotrys.
It’s colour is unique in the entire world, its flowers are superb & it can be grown in warm areas, outside the tropics. There are few greater rewards than the Jade Vine in full bloom (Macaboy). Its flowers are a soft irredescent Jade blue-green and appear in summer for many months in long hanging racemes of amazing sickle-shaped pea blossoms. This is a flower you need to see to appreciate. The Jade Vine is a strong stemmed, woody, twining creeper with dense glossy dark green leaves. From the Phillipines. Outside the tropics, you will need a warm, sunny, well drained position. Morning sun to full sun. Phone orders only.

…..Priced at $29 (350 Parries) each.








Pamianthe peruvianaPamianthe peruviana

This is an extreme rare plant from Peru from the Family Amaryllidaceae. Its huge white & green striped flowers span 16cm. They are highly fragrant. The sword like foliage is soft and thick. Reported extinct in its native land due to habitat destruction. Difficult & slow to propagate. Grows as an epiphyte….so needs to be treated like an orchid. This is one of the worlds most sought after plants. Read Jacob Uluwehi’s comments at orchidforum.com. We have a few only. These are very small seedlings 4-5 years off flowering.

…..Priced at $179 each








RED GINGER LILYHedychium coccineum

(1.5m *ABCD) Hedychium coccineum will give you incredible 300mm long sprays of red to salmon fragrant butterfly shaped flowers in Summer. Each spray will last for weeks. Lushe tropical foliage. These are a prolific grower and can be grown in cooler areas as long as the rhizome is not frozen. Cut your plant back to the ground after flowering and it will shoot and multiply for you from its underground rhizome. Native to tropical Asia. Part to full shade in well drained conditions.

…..Priced at $14.90 (250 Parries)







These will take warm frostfree temperate conditions & are proven flowerers in Perth WA so will flower at least north of the Sydney-Perth line. Sent as strong rhizomes ready to go in the ground…with sensible preparation. If you do not know what a rhizome is please check with us or read below. These are easy growing hardy varieties. There are reds, oranges, maroons, yellows and combos including all these colours with both upright and hanging claws. Height growth varies from 1- 4metres.

Rhizome Season is September to February

The package includes;

heliconia bihai yellow dancer

Heliconia bihai ‘Yellow Dancer’

3.5m. Yellow. Winter.
Upright claws.




Heliconia Rostrata

Heliconia rostrata

2m. Red & yellow long
hanging claws.



Heliconia bihai Lobster Claw Two
Heliconia bihai ‘Lobster Claw 2’

3.5m. Deep red green
edge upright..
many bracts.


heliconia subulata

Heliconia schniedianna syn subulata

2.5m. Maroon & yellow terminal
in winter & spring & very
architectural claws




Heliconia angusta red christmas

Heliconia angusta ‘Red Xmas’

1m. Red & white upright
winter claws.



heliconia bihai kawika

Heliconia bihai ‘Kawika’

Compact 3m. Dark orange
yellow tips.

PS Heliconias are mostly sent in the rhizome form. This is the starch filled thickened root tissue from they which they shoot. Once they shoot in warm weather they grow rapidly and the rhizome thickens and expands even more…so the plant gradually expands with the rhizome. These rhizomes are mostly fist to half fist size. Expect long flowering from early summer to late autumn and luxuriant broad tropical foliage.

…..Priced at $99 for these Six Heliconia






Heliconia Collection

Package of Two These are smaller growing heliconias with a ‘spathocircinata’ cross to increase tolerance of cold and rhizome size. These are natural wild hybrids from the Carribean. Vigorous growers. Keep these in a warm, moist partly shaded position in well drained mix or soil. and if you get much below 5oC in winter these are not for you. The bracts will bloom for you between December and May. Full Sun to 20% shade. This is a select type for commercial cut flowers. Great for colour, features and screening. Well drained mix and keep in a warm well lit situation. Sent in 100mm pots. The package includes;

Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata Guadeloupe

Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata ‘Guadeloupe’

(1.5-2mAD) Psittacorums are luxuriant Heliconias with deep orange & yellow bracts ….a long lasting cut flowers. Largish tropical bright green foliage.

….Priced at $18.90 each (300 Parries)




Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata 'Alan Carle'

Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata ‘Alan Carle’

(1.5-2mAD) Heliconia psittacorum are luxuriant Heliconias with brightly coloured yellow & green bracts. Largish tropical bright green foliage.

…..Priced at $18.90 each (300 Parries)

Both Heliconias for $34











HELICONIA HOT RIO NIGHTSHeliconia caribaea x H. bihai Hot Rio Nights

(3.5mAbcD) Heliconia caribaea x H. bihai ‘Hot Rio Nights’
Spectacular large twisting red bracts lined with silver flowering in spring. This one pictured is growing in our backyard grows in Nambour and will take a light frost. Huge leaves. These are very big rhizomes. Full sun to part shade. Sent as Rhizomes. Be quick.

……Priced at $29 each











….Worlds Largest Flower!!…

TITAN ARUM SEEDLINGSAmorphophallus titanum

Amorphophallus titanum
Biggest flower on the planet!! The flower arises from an underground tuber which can grow to 90kg!! It takes several years to get to flowering size. The flower gets to 3m tall & 1.5m wide!! The plant itself comes up & dies down each year & its thick green patterned stem can be 20cm through and usually 3-6 metres tall…it unfurls to a single leaf. A very unusual sight. The dormant period for it here is winter & this means the plant can be grown here. The true flower is inside the green spathe with amazing male & female flower parts. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $45 each seedling

Titan Arum – Second Year Plants…..$65 each









BIRD OF PARADISEStrelizia reginae

(1mFABCD) Strelitzia reginae has the exotic bird like flowers in contrasting bright orange and blue. A remarkable plant it is amazingly drought resistant and withstands lows of minus 8oC. Splendid in floral arrangements and as feature plants. Florists are able to sell just a single flower at a premium. Full sun.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (170 Parries)










EDIBLE GINGERZingiber officianale

(1mEdAbcD) Zingiber officinale
This is the edible ginger we know so well. Actually it is the rhizome (thickened root)  we use in cooking. Rich green lance shaped leaves and unusual and pretty yellow flowers from a green cone changing to red..  It dies down in cool winters to reemerge in late spring,  growing off its rhizome.

Great interest to western medicine. Used in Chinese and Indian (Ayuvedic) medicine through the ages. Powerful anti-oxidant and used for arthritis, rheumatism, sprains, muscular aches, pains, sore throats, cramps, constipation, indigestion, vomiting, hypertension, dementia, fever, infectious diseases. Part shade to full sun. Why not plant a patch so you can harvest forever later on.

…..Priced at $8.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $23









GIANT BROMELIAD IMPERIALIS – Out of Stockalcantarea imperialis rubra

(1mABCD) Alcantarea imperialis. Its impressive 2m+ flower spike is burgundy and gold. A huge centre piece of any garden, Imperialis is a highly sought hard to get giant bromeliad. The price tag on a 3 year old plant is $100 & much more. Rosetting arching leaves that will spread to 1.5 m and one metre tall….they are beautiful broad arching burgundy toned, edged  & specked on a pastel green background. All frostfree climates. Easy to grow in very well drained conditions in light shade. Can be hardened to full sun over  winter. Plants about 200mm tall.

…..Priced at $19.90 each (300 Parries)







General All Seeds; Keep all seeds under shade and out of the raining a warm place. Soak in water overnight before sowing.

Titan Arum Seeds – Out of StockAmorphophallus titanum1.5

Keep moist under shade and
lay flat on regular potting mix
in humid conditions. Do not
cover. Will germinate all year.
…..$15.90 each Minimum of 3.



Bael Seeds – Out of StockAegle marmelos

Moderate water, Sow immediately,
direct sow or in pot 1cm deep.
Keep warm, moist and in
bright light. Full sun to part
…..$10 for 10 seeds



White Bat Plant SeedsGiant Black Bat Plant - Tacca integrifolia

Just sit the seeds on top of potting mix in a pot.
Don’t cover them. You can place the pot on
the ground to absorb the warmth from the earth…
place under shade. Make sure the sun is direct onto
the shade. You could try covering the pot with glad
wrap but is not necessary. You could also place under
plastic or on a heat bed.
……$10.00 for 10 seeds.











Worsleya procera

Young Worsleya procera

Worsleya procera
This is the legendary Blue Amaryllus. One of the worlds most sought after plants. This is a double stemmed plant soon ready for dividing. Mature flowering size plant in a 330mm pot standing 450mm tall out of the pot with a base diameter of 80mm and crown width of 700mm. We are selling one of our stock plants. PS, this is a double plant in the same pot…can soon be divided.

$920.00 plus freight which is responsibility of the buyer.

We also have some young Worsleya procera for sale. They are in a 250mm pot standing 50cm tall out of the pot with a base diameter of 5cm. Width of the plant is 660mm and from top of the pot to the tip of the tallest leaf is 790mm tall.

$350 plus freight which is responsibility of the buyer.










(2-6mAD) Nicolaia elatior (Syn. Etlingera elatior). The most brilliant flowers imaginable with a dazzling mass display of red bracts in a cone shape. The flower is about 25cm across and is borne on on a 1.5m leafless stem that arises straight out of the ground. This is one of the worlds most splendid flowers. Its luxuriant broad green leaves grow up to an extraordinary 6 metres in the tropics. Expect 2-3m in Australia elsewhere. Needs plenty of warmth and well drained conditions. We would not expect flowering South of Murwillumbah NSW or equivalent or in a large heated Glasshouse. Semi-shade or morning sun. Sent as  rhizomes. We have two..Red or Pink.

Nicolaia elatior Red Torch


Etlingera elatior light pink



……Priced at $17.90 each or Both for $33








VARIEGATED SHELL GINGERAlpinia zerumbet foliage

(2m**AbcD) Alpinia zerumbet ‘Variegata’
Produces drooping sprays of attractive big white buds which open one at a time to reveal yellow lips with a pink or red throat! The attractive golden variegated clumping foliage is broad and gold striped green. Should grow in all frost free areas but the coldest highlands. Shade or full sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (160 Parries)







Giant Claw Heliconia Package No. 1 of Three

These heliconias are sent as strong rhizomes ready for easy potting or planting. These are some of the harder to get large growing varieties. Expect the lower height range in southern areas & the higher in the tropics. The package includes;

Heliconia bihai ‘Yellow Dancer’heliconia bihai yellow dancer

Big gold upright flowers in winter. Height growth varies from 1.5 – 3.0 metres depending on warmth of your climate. Will grow in most coastal conditions. These are among some of your more cold tolerant heliconias. Grow in well drained conditions, in full sun or light shade.

…..Priced at $19.90 each




Heliconia bihai ‘Lobster Claw Two’Heliconia bihai Lobster Claw Two

Huge red upright bracts with a green lip. Summer flowering. Height growth varies from 2.0 – 5.0 metres depending on warmth of your climate. Will grow in most coastal conditions. These are among some of your more cold tolerant heliconias. Grow in well drained conditions, in full sun or light shade.

…..Priced at $19.90 each


Heliconia pendulaheliconia pendula

Waxy red/pink hanging bracts with white sepals in winter. Height growth varies from 1.5 to 4.5 metres. Will grow in most coastal conditions. Depending on warmth of your climate. These are among some of your more cold tolerant heliconias. Grow in well drained conditions, in full sun or light shade. Sent as strong rhizomes ready to go in the ground with sensible preparation.

…..Priced at $18.90 each

These are among some of your more cold tolerant heliconias. Grow in well drained conditions in full sun or light shade.

All Three for $55.00










We have a large selection of Heliconias that can be sent as rhizomes from mid-august until end march. Rhizomes are unlikely to reshoot outside of this warm period unless you live in the tropics of northern Australia. These rhizomes are often quite large, expensive to grow & dig & of limited availability. Here is a list you can select from;

Heliconia caribaea ‘Barbados Flat’ $29
Black Knight $39
Prince of Darkness $29

Heliconia caribaea x bihai ‘Jacquinii’ $19.90
Kawauchi $19.90heliconia-bihai-manoa-sunrise
Richmond Red $19.90
Criswick Big Red $39

Heliconia pendula x caribaea Hot Rio Nights $29

Heliconia bihai ‘Manoa Sunrise’ $19.90
Emerald Forest $29
Lobster Claw 1 $19.90
Lobster Claw 2 $19.90
Hong Kong Claw $19.90
Kawika $25
Yellow Dancer $19.90heliconia-dimples
Chocolate Dancer $17.90
Nappi Red $25

Heliconia bihai x marginata Rauliniana $19.90

Heliconia stricta ‘Dimples’ $18.90
Bucky $16.90

Heliconia  champneiana ‘Maya Blood’ $25
Maya Gold $29
Splash $25

Heliconia pendula ‘Waxy’ $39heliconia-bihai-claw-1

Heliconia chartacea x platystachis Temptress (Extra Sexy) $25

Heliconia collinsiana $25

Heliconia subulata $19.90

Heliconia mariae x pogonantha ‘Dinosaur’ $39









….Claws up to 1m…heliconia criswick


(5-7mAbcD) Heliconia ‘Criswick’ (Caribaea x bihai) Giant Red is the biggest of the Heliconias with giant erect claws up to 1m tall! The bracts are maroon red with a green tip. Very hard to get. The plant itself is massive growing powerfully up to 7m. Grow it in full sun. These are sent as very big rhizomes.

…..Priced at $29 each










SHOWY COSTUSCostus potierae

(2m **RfAbcD) Costus potierae. This is an interesting clumping Ginger with very unusual white and golden marked flowers. In summer a single flower erupts from under each scale on its weird round green cone. White flower heads, marked in gold. Native to the rainforests of North Queensland it is a shade lover and does particularly well indoors as well as out in the garden or rockery or in a tub. Foliage makes an attractive feature. Likes  a well composted position and moisture. Most of the Gingers can be cut back prior to their spring flush when they reshoot vigorously off a strong rhizome. Will grow in warm temperate areas. Shade or part sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (150 Parries)








…Eye Catching Indoor Plant From Africa…


(1-7mABD)Ficus lyrata. Amazing leaf shape like a fiddle. This Strangler Fig is a stand out in any establishment. The large scalloped leaves are leathery and heavily veined. Can be held as a smaller plant in a pot or planted out becomes a magnificent tree. Good inside but likes bright light. These plants are 50 to 80cm tall in 140mm pots measured from the bottom of the pot. If you pick up, you can choose your plant otherwise by mail or courier we can send a plant 50 to 60cm tall.

…..Priced at $19.90 each (350 Parries)

PS Commonly starts life as an epiphyte high in the crown of another tree, it then sends roots down to the ground that envelop the trunk of the host tree and slowly strangle it. It also grows as a free standing tree. This plant has the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.










LUCKY BAMBOODracaena sanderiana Gold

(1.5mAbcD) Dracaena sanderiana ‘Gold’. People buy this plant to give luck and happiness to anything new…like new years, new house, marriage, new career. It is also recommended to bring positive energy into your life (Chi). If you change the water every week you can grow it in water…. and for colour fill your vase with coloured stones. Can be trained into spirals using wire guides. This gold form is highly sought with its extreme bright foliage with lime to gold contrasting with dark green in a stripey formation. White bell shaped flowers. Not a true Bamboo, it is a native of Africa. A very durable indoor or garden plant with elegant  erect stems. Warm areas or indoors.  Shade to morning sun.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries)










BLACK BAT PLANTTacca chantrieri, black bat plant, bat plant

(50cmAbcD) Tacca chantrieri produces the most unusual and striking flowers. The Black Bat Plant flower is black with long sinister tentacles hanging downwards. Its leaves are broad and about 40cm long. They are quite hardy once grown up but need to be nurtured over their first winter in cooler climates than tropical. Native of Tropical Thailand and Burma. Likes a real well drained potting mix with good moisture in the summer but keep ‘just moist in the winter. They do not like the cold frosty weather outside so you will need a warm spot, under shelter or inside. Can grow in a protected spot in the garden in sub-tropical and tropical areas otherwise in a pot. Keep it under light to medium/heavy shade. Plants 25cm tall in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $19.90 each









….Hard to Get.. Native Cycad….Macrozamia mooreii


(7mABcD) Macrozamia moorei. Tallest of all the Macrozamias  this is a grand Australian species with keeled & arching blue-green foliage. Develops a strong trunk to 80cm. Found in Central QLD at elevation 300-500m asl. Cycads like this one are some of the oldest plants still living on the planet tracing back to the ancient Mesezoic period some 170 million years ago. Magnificent Cycad named after botanist Charles Moore. Hardy and suited to all areas. These are 2 leaf plants in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $25 each







…Huge Spectacular Bromeliad…

Alcantarea regina ‘Alba’Alcantarea regina 'Alba'

(1mABCD) Syn.Vriesea regina ‘Alba’
This is an amazing Bromeliad with spectacular bright red and yellow flowers that grow over 1m tall! The rosette that can grow to 1.5 m across! It stays smaller in a pot. This ‘Alba’ variety refers to the white powder look on the back of its leaves. Will grow and flower in light to medium shade. It can be grown in a pot in a well drained mix and will multiply. Good indoors but likes humidity. South American in origin most Bromeliads are epiphytes that attach themselves to trees. Use a very well drained mix with added coarse bark.

…..Priced at $19.90 each









…Highly Sought & Uncommonly Available…

SCARLET GINGER LILYHedychium greenii

(1.5mAD) Hedychium greenii will delight you with its big scarlet red attractive butterfly shaped flowers in summer. Its deep green and red (under leaf) broad foliage is also a feature. This plant shoots off strong rhizomes and the shoots can be cut back and will develop further and multiply for you. A native of India, as are all the Hedychiums. Best suited to areas of high humidity, but if the rhizome is protected in winter it should grow in protected situations in all but the coldest winter areas. This one needs to be kept dry in winter but loves moisture in the warmer months. Light to medium shade in well drained conditions.

…..Priced at $13.90 each (200 Parries)










(60cmABCD) Bilbergia nutans. This is a brilliant and easy care Bromeliad suited to all climates. Flowering in late winter it produces lovely long elegant pink bracts with bunches of the most unusual blue flowers pushing out of and then hanging from the bracts! The foliage is sword like grey-green and about 5cm wide. It stands erect and weeps over. This clumping plant can be grown in a pot or in the garden in warm climates as far south as Melbourne. In colder tablelands bring it under shelter for winter. Shade or morning sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (250 Parries)










….Red Bracts…White & Gold Flowers….

Zingiber zerumbut ‘Darceyi’ VariegatedZingiber zerumbut 'Darceyi'

(60cmAbcD) This is an eyecatcher with lovely white and gold flowers shooting from unusual red cones in summer and autumn. Very attractive foliage variegated white and green on short stems to 60cms. The cones emerge at the base on their own individual stems. Native to India and Malaysia, it dies down for winter and reemerges in spring. Keep the rhizomes dry in winter. The rhizomes are bitter to eat but can be used in pot pourri or can be put in drawers to scent linen! Grow in light shade to morning sun. These are rhizomes.

…..Priced at $13.90 each (200 Parries)











…Long Lasting 10 Day Cut Flowers…


(2mAbcD) Heliconia rostrata. Be amazed by the great big long flowers (easily 60cm) in the most brilliant colours imaginable. This loveliest of Heliconias has huge contrasting bright red & yellow curious lobster-claw like bracts-summer. Large pale green leaves and ribbed foliage.  If you live south of Sydney or equivalent you will need to protect the rhizome form cold with mulch. This is one of the more cold hardy of the Heliconias. Full sun or mottled shade. Sent as rhizomes.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (250 Parries)









KAHILI GINGER – Out of StockHedychium gardnerianum

(2m*ABCD) Hedychium gardnerianum will give you huge attractive hanging fragrant yellow flowers with red markings. You can cut them off for flower arrangements. Long bright green leaves. This one is native to the Himalayas and will take a light frost and can be grown in temperate gardens right through to tropical. It shoots off a strong rhizome.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (250 Parries)










….New Release….

Heliconia rostrata ‘misahualli’ – Out of Stockheliconia rostrata misahualli

(2mAbcD) This is a new release connoisseurs’ Heliconia with gorgeous red & yellow hanging bracts like H rostrata only chunkier & closer together & even longer & with black flecked chunky stems that look black from the distance. Full sun to light shade. Sent as rhizomes.

…..Priced at $23 each.








Heliconia Collection of Seven
Giant Claw Bihai Heliconias

These will take warm temperate conditions. Sent as strong rhizomes ready to go in the ground with sensible preparation. If you do not know what is a rhizome is, please read below. These are some of the harder to get large growing varieties. There are reds, oranges, maroons, yellows and combos including all these colours with both upright and hanging claws. Height growth varies from 3.0 – 3.5 metres.

The package includes:

Heliconia bihai ‘Big Bud’

3.5m tall deep maroon tipped green.
…..Priced at $19.90


Heliconia bihai ‘Jacquinii’heliconia bihai x caribaea jacquinii

4m Orange & Yellow.


Heliconia bihai ‘Claw 2’Heliconia bihai Lobster Claw Two

3.5m Deep red…masses of flowers.


Heliconia bihai ‘Hong Kong Claw’Heliconia bihai Hong Kong Claw

Orange/Red 3.5m…masses of flowers.


Heliconia bihai ‘Blazing Sadles’

3m Golden Yellow.

Heliconia bihai ‘Nappi Red’

3m Twisted flower…bright red tipped yellow.
…..Priced at $25.00 each


Heliconia bihai ‘Kawika’heliconia bihai kawika

Compact 3m..Dark orange yellow tips.
…..Priced at $25.00 each

PS Heliconias are mostly sent in the rhizome form. This is the starch filled thickened root tissue from they which they shoot. Once they shoot in warm weather, they grow rapidly and the rhizome thickens and expands even more…..so the plant gradually expands with the rhizome. These rhizomes are mostly fist to half fist size. Expect long flowering from early summer to late autumn and luxuriant broad tropical foliage.

…..Priced at $135 for the Seven Heliconias










Alpinia galanga rhizome

(1.8mEdABCD) Alpinia galanga is a highly sought ginger for its value in cooking & as a powerful medicinal aid and aphrodisiac. Used for centuries in Europe and in everyday use in Asia. Used in cooking as a more flowery and intense type of ginger.You cannot go wrong adding this to your recipe. Galangal is anti-bacterial and is used to treat loss of appetite, arthritis, diabetes, diarrhea, upper abdominal pain and sluggish digestion. It relieves spasms, combats inflammation and reduces stress. Especially useful in flatulence, dyspepsia & nausea. Anti cancer properties. Simply use the rhizome as required. As the plant will clump and produce more rhizome as it grows all you need is to plant one or two and wait. Deciduous in winter. Big sprays of small yellow flowers and orange fruit. Will grow in all mild climates. Needs good drainage. Full sun or part shade. Sent in pots.

…..Priced at $9.90









Heliconia bihai ‘Chocolate Dancer’Heliconia bihai 'Chocolate Dancer'

Chocolate yellow edged bracts in winter. Height growth varies from 2 to 3.5 metres depending on the warmth of your climate. Will grow in most warm temperate coastal conditions. Sent as strong rhizomes ready to go in the ground. …with sensible preparation.

…..Priced at $17.90 each










RED HOT POKERZingiber peninsularis red hot poker

(2mABCD) Zingiber peninsulare. Exotic foliage and bright red clustered cones will surprise you in summer. Zingiber peninsulare is considered a small shrub and can be grown as a decorative screen beneath tree as they do in their natural environment adding variety to your garden scene and also a great container plant. Native to Thailand. Water regularly. Part Shade. Sent in 100mm pots.

……Priced at $14.90 each (250 Parries)










….Red & White Flowers in Winter….

RED CHRISTMASHeliconia angusta red christmas

(1mAbcD) Helicona angusta ‘Red Christmas’
This is a magnificent Heliconia which will amaze you with its striking bright red and white flowers during winter and spring! The flowers are long lasting and excellent for cut flowers. This is an attractive dwarf clumping variety good in a tub or in the garden. Keep this one in a warm, moist partly shaded position in well drained mix or soil. We expect these will do well in all warm coastal climates.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (250 Parries)









GOLDEN BEEHIVE GINGERZingiber spectabile

(2mAbcD) Zingiber spectabile. Truly spectacular as the name implies it will present you with the most unique yellow flower bracts with an incredible honeycomb construction. The cones that form the beehive shape are golden and as they age go orange and then a spectacular red. Small very pretty unusual orchid like flowers emerge from under the scales of the cones!
The cones are long lasting and quite large (150mm). They shoot from the base of the plant on short spikes in summer. Native to Malaysia, this one has medium sized leaves that will go backwards in winter in cold weather. New shoots will power away in spring. If growing in cooler climates a frost free position is preferable.Grow in light shade to morning sun in a warm well drained location.When in a pot ensure you use at least 50% very coarse (15mm) pine park These plants are sent in pots.

……..Priced at $14.90 (250 Parries) each










….Winter & Spring Flowers….

YELLOW CHRISTMASheliconia bihai yellow dancer

(1.5mAbcD) Heliconia angusta ‘Yellow Christmas’ This is a magnificent Heliconia which will make you very happy with its striking bright yellow and white flowers during winter and spring!! The flowers are long lasting and excellent for cut flowers. This is an attractive dwarf clumping variety good in a tub or in the garden. Keep this one in a warm, moist partly shaded position in well drained mix or soil. We expect these will do well in all warm coastal climates.
These plants are sent in pots.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (200 Parries)






Worlds Best Climbers


…Huge Flowers….Be Surprised…


(V**ABCD) Tecomanthe hillii is a hard to get spectacular creeper from Queenslands World Heritage Fraser Island. Big gorgeous bright pink bunches of flowers in summer. This is a small bushy climber with lovely glossy foliage. Grows in swampy and sandy creek bed locations. Will grow in all mild climates but will need special winter protection in cooler inland locations.

…..Priced at $12.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $29










….Brilliant & Unusual Flowers….

LADY SLIPPER VINE – Out of StockThunbergia mysorensis

Thunbergia mysorensis (VAD) Produces great hanging racemes of the most unusual very bright contrasting, yellow, red and brown flowers all summer long. Shaped like a ladys slipper. This is a hard to get collectors plant from the mountains of southern India and needs a warm subtropical climate or glasshouse. May drop some foliage if the temperature drops one or two degrees below freezing but will bounce back. Light shade to full sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries) or 3 for $29










FLAME VINEPyrostegia venusta flame vine

(VABCD) Pyrostegia venusta (syn.ignea) is one of the most spectacular climbers of them all-few plants flower as profusely as this one. The flowers are bright orange and tubular in terminal panicles of thirty to fifty blooms from July to October. This is an evergreen vine from Brazil, with largish attractive compound leaves. Very hardy it will grow in all areas where protected from frost. Fertilise regularly. Requires full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $23










Cordyline Pink Champion

Cordyline Pink Champion

Cordylines give colour to your garden all year round. In spring & summer you can cut them back and they will grow new multiple heads. Plant the cutoff head …. it will easily take. Good indoors but don’t overwater in winter. For warm coastal climates. If you want bright colour make sure you fertilise each year. Part to full shade or morning sun.

…..Priced at $7.90 each
or 6 different colours for $39





WA & NT & Tasmanian Customers see Below

Roughly every 4-6 weeks so we can put all orders together & complete the WA & NT & Tas Quarantine Protocols in one batch & minimise the cost to you.

Next WA & NT & Tasmanian orders go Friday 31st March 2017.

We need your order by the 12.30 PM Tuesday 28th of March, QLD time before this date as we go through an intricate Quarantine Inspection process 7.00am Thursday & need to do this in one batch to make the process feasable.
The Quarantine Protocol cost of $10 is included in your freight charge.

Mrytle Rust Alert now affects some plants into the NT & SA, Tas as well as WA…..which means we cannot sent plants from Family Myrtacea to these states. Restrictions will soon be lifted in Victoria as Myrtle Rust has been found in 60 locations. In reality it has probably been around Australia the last 100 years but it needs a very wet year to be noticeable.

…WA & SA, Tas & NT Customers….

There is an very old alert for Myrtle Rust still standing in WA & NT the following potential host genus are not allowed entry for probably an extended period:
Austromyrtus, Callistemon, Eugenia, Feijoa, Kunzea, Leptospermum, Melaleuca, Myrciaria, Psidium, Syzygium, Xanthostemon, Rhodomyrtus.
These are the plants that may appear in our catalogue & is not the complete list. The complete list includes all the Family Myrtaceae. It was hoped this would be a short term measure…..but the authorities are in no rush to take action that would lead to lift the restriction.

There are other plants that are not permitted into WA for various reasons. We get all our plants approved by the State Dept of Agricultures when sending.

Here are a few more for your information.

Euphorbia species, Citrus species, Microcitrus species, Hibiscus species, Azalea species, Feijoa species, Vaccinium species Blueberry, Rhododendron, Vireya.

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