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…..Grow Your Own Gourmet Coffee…


(3m*AbcD) Coffea arabica this plant has been selected for it gourmet coffee flavour. Plant it, admire its beauty and have a never ending supply of delicious coffee. The Coffee Tree will give you masses of fragrant five petalled white flowers in clusters in the leaf axils. The attractive coffee bearing fruits are brilliant red. For frostfree areas, north of Sydney. Native to Ethiopa. Likes full sun to part shade.

$25 for the set of 3 Coffee Trees.


(1mEdAbcD) Zingiber officinale
Edible ginger we know so well. Actually it is the rhizome (thickened root)  we use in cooking. Rich green lance shaped leaves and unusual and pretty yellow flowers from a green cone changing to red..  It dies down in cool winters to reemerge in late spring,  growing off  its rhizome. Part shade to full sun. Why not plant a patch so you can harvest forever later on. Health properties.

$21 for the set of 3 Edible Ginger

Or both for $42!

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Gift Collection: $42, Coffea arabica x 3: $25, Zingiber officinale x 3: $21

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