Platycerium veitchii Hybrid – Netherlands Elk


Product Description


(50cm**ABCD) Platycerium veitchii Hybrid is a hybrid developed in Holland. The Australian native Silver Elk is the only known parent. It has fronds that appear to be covered with a thick grey felt. This is a water conserving device. The fertile fronds are mostly erect while the shield fronds display unusual finger-like projections when grown in bright light. It can be mounted on a plaque or on a tree for a more natural growth pattern. The Silver Elk itself attaches to rock faces in open woodland on the western slopes of Central to Nth QLD. Easy to grow in a protected garden in good light and morning sun…not heavy shade. Liquid fertilise often. Very drought and frost resistant. Do not overwater! These plants are supplied potted in 100mm pots.

….. Priced at $15.90 each.

Plant Size

This fern is full…. in a 100mm diameter pot and is about 150mm tall out of the pot.

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