Encephalartos whitelockii


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….Rare & Spectacular Cycad…Rare…

Encephalartos whitelockii

(4mAbcD) This is an extremely rare and spectacular Cycad. From a solitary valley in Western Uganda in Africa it is on the highest category of their Endangered Classifications. Only named in 1996, Whitelockii does not appear in any book worldwide yet! This Rare Cycad is a vigorous grower. It is highly ornamental with leaves to 3m and producing multiple cones larger than a pineapple. If you have one of these in your backyard thousands of people will be visiting you to see your rarity! Whitelockii requires excellent drainage and moderate watering. Grows in full sun down to 50% shade. Suited to warm frostfree climates from warm temperate to tropical.

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