Anthurium Princess Amalia Elegance
Anthurium Black Queen

May – June Anthurium Collection 2



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Anthurium Princess Amalia Elegance

Anthurium Princess Amalia Elegance

(60cmAbcD) Lovely deep pink spadix with fantastic pink tipped and veined creamy white 12cm spathes. The leaves are light green and glossy. Great as a indoor plant

Priced at $12.90 each

Anthurium ‘Black Queen’

Large almost black flowers. Bred for massive flowering, clumping, disease resistance and cold tolerance. Recent new Dutch hybrid.

Priced at $12.90 each

or Both for $23

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Anthurium Princess Amalia Elegance: $12.90, Anthurium ‘Black Queen’: $12.90, Full Collection: $23

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