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Tacca integrifolia Seeds – White Bat Plant


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….Our Best Germination Of Bat Plant Seeds was in Winter….


(1mAD) Tacca integrifolia. These are Seeds and surprisingly our best germination Of Bat Plant Seeds was in the middle of Winter! And not on a heat pad…..just on an outside bench under plastic 1.2m above. Tacca integrifolia is probably the most unusual flowering plant of all!! Its total weird flower arrangement is about one metre from top to bottom, on a spike, also one metre long. Big white (these have purple stripes) dorsals, purple fleshy button like true flowers and purple or white hanging whiskers! The Giant White Bat Plant has big broad broad glossy leaves 350mm across and 750mm long. Just sit the seeds on top of potting mix in a pot…don’t cover them…you can place the pot on the ground to absorb the warmth from the earth…place under shade. Make sure the sun is direct onto the shade. You could try covering the pot with glad wrap but is not necessary here. You could also place under plastic or on a heatbed. Soak the seeds overnight before sowing.

…..Priced at $10 for 10 Seeds


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