April – May Catalogue 2017

Newsletter April – May 2017

Welcome to your April-May Catalogue. Thankyou for your orders last month…it was a pleasure to send them to you. Hope you  enjoy this acatalogue and the fabulous autumn.

….From Bob & Bev Chalmers


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* Some of us put Heliconias and Gingers in the same class but they are very different especially the way they flower. They do grow off rhizomes however. The larger Heliconias are usually sent as rhizomes and they only strike when its hot (30o + days). So excepting the smaller growing heliconias which can go in pots we only send from late September thru to mid March. Gingers however we can send in pots and we send all year.
*A star in the sky (like our sun) is a ball of gas made of hydrogen and helium and is so massive that that the pressure inside  causes nuclear reactions that produce amazing heat and light …like our sun. There are 200 billion stars in our galaxy the Milky Way ! One in five stars have planets in orbit around them like our solar system…just like the earth revolving around our star ..the sun.
*Plants get their energy from the sun in a process called photosythesis upon which all life on earth depends. The formula in words for photosynthesis is ` Carbon Dioxide + Water + Light Energy = Carbohydrates + Oxygen. The Chlorophyll in plants is what absorbs the light energy and puts it to work. Chlorophyll is what makes plants green.
Respect Science but it is not a God….not even close…
* If the road to the complete knowledge of how nature works is 1,000km long, science has only moved 3km along the path of understanding. Afterall western science as we know it is barely 100 years old.
Last Months Did You Know
* Another name for Amorphophallus paeonifolius is the Elephant Foot Yam. It grows in Northern Australia and can be eaten like potato.
*The heart is much more than a pumping machine and sayings such as having a heavy heart, broken heart or heartfelt, hearty, lead with your heart, hearts desires are more than just sayings…see why over…
* You can make a pot for a plant out of Newspaper, that will last for months, simply by taking 3 sheets of newspaper and folding in half. Then wrap around a glass, bottle etc of the desired diameter and tuck in the ends.
* NASA the most advanced research centre in the world for cutting edge technology has now recognised the Sanskrit language of Ancient India to be the only human spoken language that is unambiguous. There are still millions of texts as yet awaiting translation.
* Tassell Ferns have become very difficult to get. The 10 we have left will be auctioned very soon on EBay. Just search for Paradise Distributors.
* If the knowledge we needed to understand nature and the universe was 1000km long, science has only moved 3km along the path of understanding. Afterall science as we know it is barely 100 years old.



West Australian & NT & Tasmanian Orders

These states have strict quarantine protocols in place. All have inspection procedures in place at both ends. Please note you do nothing… we do all the work and payments. These order are intended to be sent on the following day: Friday 5th of May. We need your order by the 12.30 PM Tuesday 2nd of May, QLD time before this date as we go through an intricate Quarantine Inspection process 7.00am Monday & need to do this in one batch to make the process feasible. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON WA, TAS. & NT ORDERS ……………PLEASE GO TO THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS CATALOGUE AND THE FAQ’s.


Your Plants

Your Plants are packaged with love and care to travel the world if need be. They are among the largest and strongest you can possibly receive by courier/mail delivery.
We intend to supply you a continually new and surprisingly amazing array of the most interesting plants on our planet.
We have been doing this for 31 years ! Its not easy. You will see many others have come and gone thinking there was an ‘easy’ life doing this work. It is a life of passion for the fantastic gifts of nature.
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If price is your main consideration the we will accommodate you.
We decided to up the ante and beat any competitor by 12.5% not 10%.
Twenty years ago we stopped sending tiny plants in 40-50mm pots & introduced our current long 70mm pot. The 70mm pot has 4.3 times bigger volume than a 50mm pot and we can grow a plant 4 times the size in it and that’s what we do!
As other suppliers have come in and do offer the 45-50mm pot we are giving you the opportunity to buy this size also. And our price for these tiny plants is less than any other selling the same size plant. If you find a commercial business paying GST with a lower price we will beat it by 12.5%.



A head Buddhist Monk in Tibet was recently asked what is the nature of the matrix of energy that scientists have now measured in the ‘so called’ empty spaces of the Universe. The monk said in human terms the nature of this energy is ‘COMPASSION’. The magnetic energy pumped out by the heart (as measured by science) is equivalent to the energy of the universal matrix of energy. Compassion is pumped from the heart and transmitted to those that are open to receive..




The possibility of life on other planets in our Universe is virtually a certainty if you consider these facts presented by Dr. Alan Duffy in the ABCs podcast on April 6th.
Think about this…I had to write it down to imagine the enormity of the numbers.
Our solar system has 8 planets and one star called the sun. We are part of the medium sized galaxy called the Milky Way. Our nearest neighbouring Galaxy is called Andromeda and it is twice as big as the Milky Way.
In our Galaxy alone there more than 100 billion stars and 100 million of those stars  are just like and as big as the sun! On average 1 in 5 stars has at least one planet like earth revolving around it!!
Now if that wasnt big enough there are several hundred billion galaxies in the universe!!
Scientists have estimated several septillion stars in the universe (ie 10 with 24 noughts)
One Septillion looks like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 so several might be
3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the universe. So if 1 in 5 has a planet like earth there are something like 600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets like earth in the universe. SO WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS
………………………What would the plants look like??







One day a man goes to the Nambour pet shop to buy a parrot. The assistant takes the man to the parrot section and asks the man to choose one. The man asks, ‘’How much is the yellow one?’’ The assistant says, ‘’$2000.’’ The man is shocked and asks the assistant why it’s so expensive. The assistant explains, ‘’This parrot is a very special one. He knows typewriting and can type really fast.’’ ’’What about the green one?’’ the man asks. The assistant says, ‘’He costs $5000 because he knows typewriting and can answer incoming telephone calls and takes notes.’’
’’What about the red one?’’ the man asks. The assistant says, ‘’That one’s $10,000.’’ The man says, ‘’What does he do?’’
The assistant says, ‘’I don’t know, but the other two call him boss.’’






Did you know that most of us (99.3%) can only deeply focus on something for a few seconds and then the mind drifts onto other matters. When trying to focus on achieving a goal…we quickly start thinking of why we cant do it or other negatives and sidetrackers.

1. Know what you want and ifit requires several steps write them down tostart with. So over 5 seconds only, visualise what you want and the steps to get there. See the journey as fun.

2. Now over 4 seconds only, visualise actually having what you want. See it, smell it, feel it, hear it experience it and have fun with it. To get it you have to feel as if you already have it and do it without judgement whether its possible or not.

NB Now keep in mind if what you want is borne from the ego (fear, greed,need etc) this dont work. What you want has to come from love… and the feeling you develop then comes from the heart which is in tune with the boundless energy and unlimited support of the universe.  Remember what love is…compassion, passion, selflessness, courage, fun, energy, persistence, non-judgemental, creation and more.






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Yes, we know from experience that we always tell ourselves we will remember it….but do we? And its often the Username that gets muddled up the most. Just think most people seem to have 3 usernames and three passwords they commonly use…..so that means there are 9 different ways these can be combined and that’s why its so easy to use the wrong one if you don’t record it. If you have completely forgotten which one you can easily call us we will take you off completely and you can register.


Combined Postage/Shipping
We do combine postage/shipping with all our orders. This means you can buy as many plants as you like for a single postage/shipping price. eg, in NSW you might buy 100 plants for $16 freight.
Our Plants are not sent Bare Rooted
All our plants are sent in pots. Mostly in a pot of 70mm diameters and 110mm deep. This pot is 4 times the volume of the tiny 40mm tubes that many other suppliers use. Our Ferns are sent in 100mm pots. * Very large plants from large pots (Bamboo, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Heliconias) may be sent bare rooted.
However we do supply some Tiny plants for $3.90 to satisfy customers who like small prices. These plants are specified as Tiny Plants for Tiny Prices and are priced at $3.90.
If you can’t find what you’re looking in our catalogue, you can use the search bar at the top of all our pages, above navigational menu and also below the side Menu.
All Plants on our website are available, not just the ones in our latest catalogue.




(50cm*AbCD) Eucomis autumnalis
Eyecatching and different with the strangest flower you have ever seen! Blooms in summer continuously lasting till autumn. Pineapple like cluster on top!! Waxy white, burgundy centred, star shaped flowers. The flowers produces a sweet scent. Wide long brown spotted leaves. Can attract bees, butterflies and birds. Goes dormant in winter but springs back bigger and flowers every year. Easy to care for, low maintenance. Native to South Africa. Well drained soil. Full sun to light shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (200 Parries)










….Hard to Get…Very Hard to Get!….

CARDINAL CREEPERIpomoea horsefalliae

Ipomoea horsfalliae. One of the most beautiful flowering vines with thick shiny crimson flowersabout 4cm across. Hard to get & extremely hard to propagate…thats why they are rarely available. Contrasting black stems. Attractive rounded darkfive fingered foliage with a slightly scollaped edge. All warm coastal frostfree areas. Full sun or light shade.

…..Priced at $22 each









….Thornless Feature….

YUCCA DESMETIANAYucca desmetiana

(1.2mABcD) Yucca desmetiana
Thornless great structured feature plant. Growing as a single stem, the weeping leaves are bright green or bluish grey turning to a burgundy red as the plant ages. In summer, a cream coloured bell shaped flowers appears on a upright stem above the leaves. A low maintenance plant and requires low amounts of water. Native to Mexico. Will tolerate heat and light frost. Prefers dry conditions in winter. Can be grown in containers. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 each









CROTON NORMACodiaeum variegatum 'Norma'

(1.5mAD) Codiaeum variegatum ‘Norma’
‘Croton Norma’ is a striking tropical plant grown for its decorative multicoloured foliage. The vibrant colours are often a mix of greens, yellows and reds on short curvy 2cm wide leaves. Crotons are from the Pacific Islands and South-East Asia and needs warmth. If down south during winter bring indoors to a warm lit up area. This one will provide a nice contrast to your
garden. Full sun or semi shade.

…..Priced at $8.90










ANCHOMANES DIFFORMISAnchomanes difformis

(2mEdAbcD) Anchomanes difformis
Certainly a unique member of the Aroid family! Large hooded maroon bracted with white to pinky spadix. White seeds that turn red when ripe. Grows from a huge horizontal tuber and quickly produces big shiny divided leaves. Deciduous. Native to Africa. Also medicinal.Part shade.

…..Priced at $33












…A Painted Fascination…

THAI AGLAONEMA No.4Thai Aglaonema

Amazing colours can now be yours also..Beautifully marked succulent with a pink spine and very heavily pink speckled veins on the dark green leaves. Aglaonemas are soothing foliage plants that are great under dull to bright light conditions. Keep on the dry side in temperatures below 15oC. Colour can vary depending on the light intensity. Great in a pot inside in cooler areas or outside or in a subtropical garden. Aglaonema are so easy care you cant go wrong because they love the shade they handle indoor conditions with ease and in warm areas they will light up any garden. Branch readily for you. They are tough & handle a variety of conditions and are relatively pest resistant and long lived.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (200 Parries)








….Brighty Yellow Featherlike Spikes….


Vriesia moreniiis a spectacular. Bromeliad with long lasting Feather like flowers on a 30cm stem from a funnel of flat leaves. The ‘feather heads’ are yellow and flower in light to medium shade. It can be grown in a pot in a well drained mix and will multiply. Good indoors but likes humidity. South American in origin most Vriesias are epiphytes that attach themselves to trees.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (250 Parries)










(9mAbcD) Ficus religiosa is the famed tree under which the Buddha sat for 6 yrs when he attained enlightenment (bodhi) at Bodh Gaya in Bihar State India. You will find it in and around every Buddhist Temple!! Also known as the Bo Tree this is a a magnificent signiture tree that can also be kept in a pot. Very popular for Bonsai. Its heart shaped leaves have a pointed drawn out end. It must be pollinated by a special wasp. Love full sun & can be grown in the shade.

…..Priced at  $12.90 each (200 Parries) or 3 for $29









Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Black Stem’Out of StockAlocasia macrohiza black stem

(1.5mABCD) This is a magnificent Elephant Ear with beautifully black veined & black stems contrasting against a great big bright green leaf. The plant will stand about 1.5m with 80cm leaves. Suited to all climates with hot summers but may go into dormancy in cold winter climates. Part to full shade.

…..Priced at $14.90 each (200 Parries)











RED LEAF NATIVE GINGERAlpinia caerulea red

(1m*,**RfEdAbD) Alpinia caerulea, from the rainforest understorys of Northern NSW and Southern QLD, produces white and purple flowers and attractive long lasting bluey fruit. The fruit is loved by Bower Birds and when chewed has a gingery flavour (as do the roots). It is a clumping upright plant with large interesting shiny leaves. There are only 6 species of Alpinia native to Australia. Light to heavy shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries) or 3 for $29













PHILIPPINE ORCHIDSpathoglottis plicata

(40cmAbcD) Spathoglottis plicata is a spectacular ground orchid, giving you eye-catching 30mm purple/pink flowers, in spring and summer, above its attractive pleated foliage. These are fast growers and the 5cm pseudobulbs will multiply for you. Because of their fast growth remember to keep up their nutrient supply. Good indoors or outside in frost free areas. Go dormant in winter but will bounce back in spring. From moist areas of the Phillipines to India and Tonga. They grow best in light shade and require good light to flower at their best. In 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (300 Parries)









BROAD-LEAVED PALM LILYCordyline petiolaris

(2-3m**EdABCDE) Cordyline petiolaris will present you with big clusters of long lasting bright red edible fruit. Branching spikes of tiny purple flowers. This is an unusual elegant native. It is slender, upright and palm-like with long linear leaves clustered towards the ends of its stems in radiating whorls. Native to Nthn NSW and Southern QLD. Will grow in all but the coldest climates but is frost tender. Good indoors and as a tub speciman or garden feature plant. Best in semi-shade.

…..Priced at $8.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $23











…Unusual Ginger…

SWEET AFRICAN COSTUSCostus lucanusiansus

(2mAbcD) Costus lucanusiansus.
A collectors Costus it has 2 white, pink and yellow flowers at a time from green bracts. Africa. Foliage makes an attractive feature. Likes a well composted position and moisture. Most of the Gingers can be cut back prior to their spring flush when they reshoot vigorously off a strong rhizome. Will grow in warm temperate areas. Shade or part sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $29












SOURSOPannona muricata soursop

(6mabcD) Annona muricata is an attractive little shade tree will giving you the most delicious fruit to eat fresh, in deserts or as a flavouring with many uses. Very juicy it makes a tangy drink. The big green fruit weighs up to 6kg. Fruit also contains significant amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2. The fruit, seeds, and leaves have a number of herbal medicinal uses. If you are interested in cancer…  read about its well proclaimed cancer killing properties. For  warm areas and will fruit in pots (even in temperate areas if protected from the cold.) Full sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (200 Parries) or 3 for $29









STROMANTHE ‘DAZZLER’Stromanthe sanguinea

(90cmAbcD) Stromanthe sanguinea
The cream, pink and green tones will dazzle you and brighten up any garden or room. This is an absolutely brilliant evergreen shade loving foliage plant. Loves growing in a pot or in the garden. Likes shade and is proven indoors. Big strapping leaves about 30-40 cm long and 7cm wide. This is a clumping plant from Honduras and it develops on a creeping rhizome. Appreciates humidity but is quite a resilient plant. Medium shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries)











ZINGIBER ‘SILVER STREAKS’Zingiber collinsii 'Darceyi' Silver Streaks'

(1.4mABCD) Zingiber collinsii  ‘Darceyi’ Silver Streaks’ is an absolute stunner with eyecatching red basal cones appearing freely in spring and summer. Its beautiful foliage is marked with vivid silver markings. Multiple stems to 1.4m. The oblong cones emerge at the base on their own short individual stems. It dies down for winter and reemerges in spring. This means it can be grown in colder areas. Keep the rhizomes warm & dryish in winter. Grow in light shade to morning sun.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (250 Parries)











…Very Large Indoor & Patio Figs…Ficus benjamina 'Midnight Beauty'


(2m+ABCD) Ficus benjamina ‘Midnight Beauty’. These lovely ornamental figs are suited to pots inside or the patio. Dark green glossy leaves all over. Water sparingly. They will flourish in shade or full sun. Can be grown as bonsais.

…..Priced at $7.90 each











(8mABCD) Azadirachta indica. Often called the Wonder Tree, the Neem has been used for centuries in Asia against  insects and for many medicinal purposes. The natural insecticide Azadirachatin can be extracted from the seeds of the Neem Tree. The plant itself will protect other plants from insects. Extracts are also made from the leaves and for heallth and agricultural purposes. The full story fills a book. Good shade and good in a tub. Native to NE India this is an attractive long lived evergreen fast growing tree. Drought resistant it has a reputation for good growth on on dry infertile, stoney, acidic and poor soils. A good shade tree it has prolific white flowers and fruit with an olive like appearance. Does not like frost. Full sun.

……Priced at $12.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $29









…Magnificent Native…Loves Full Sun…

HOYA AUSTRALISHoya australis

(V**AbcD) Hoya Australis. Lovely native Hoya with large clusters ofstarshaped fragrant white red centred flowers. This hoya loves full sun and its leaves will grow bigger and thicker with more light. Can dry out a little between waterings.  Like all Hoyas do not over pot and doesn’t mind being root bound. Remember hoyas are epiphytes growing high up on rainforest trees. Full sun to light shade. Moderate climates.

…..Priced at $8.90 (150 Parries)







TIPUNA TIPUTipuana tipu

(30mABCD) Tipuna Tipu. Fast growing attractive tree. Flowering in summer with clusters of golden flowers. Small round light green leaves. Native to South America. Frost hardy. Beautful shade tree that will grow anywhere but needs a little space…  don’t put near drainage pipes or paths. Full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $21








…Hard to Get Climber..Lilac Flowers…

GARLIC VINEMansoa alliaceae

(VAbcD) Mansoa alliacea (syn.Pseudocalymma alliaceum) is not commonly available and will present you with very large heads of dark-mauve to lilac trumpet flowers in summer. This is a spectacular climber from tropical America and wants a warm temperate to tropical climate. Full sun.

……Priced at $8.90 each (180 Parries)










WILD IRISDietes iridioides

(1mFABCD) Dietes iridioides (syn. vegeta). This is a clumping plant with straplike arching foliage and lovely white Iris like flowers with yellow and a dash of purple in the centres. Good border, rockery and background plant or can be mass planted. Native to South Africa. For all climates this plant is very hardy and frost resistant. Semi shade to full sun.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21










IXORA PINK MALAYixora malay pink

(1mAbcDE) Ixora ‘Pink Malay’ will surprise you with its startling groups of large soft pink flowers on spikes. Dark shiny leaves.

…..Priced at $7.90 each











PINK RAIN LILYZepyranthes grandiflora

(20cmFmABCDE) Zephyranthes grandiflora. Lovely light pink yellow anthered erect flowers a little like small asiatic lillies come forth in summer and autumn. This is a fine clumping plant with strap-like green foliage. Bulbs about 25mm wide develop and multiply greatly in little time. Great as a border, in a rockery or pot.

…..Priced at $7.90 each (150 Parries)








BLUE AMARYLLUSWorsleya procera flowers

Worsleya procera. This is the legendary Blue Amaryllus. One of the worlds most sought after plants. These young worlseyas are in a 110mm pot standing 35cm tall out of the pot with a base diameter of 1.3cm. From top of the pot to the tip of the tallest leaf is 40cm tall. These Worsleyas have individual nicknames.

…..Priced at $75

Also for sale….
65cm tall in 250mm pot for $350.
85cm tall in 330mm pot for $970.



RED PASSION FLOWERPassiflora coccinea

(V*FEdAD) Passiflora coccinea will make your heart throb with its big (12cm) red fragrant showy flowers….they are bright scarlet red with white, purple and light pink colors on the corona. Large lobed leaves with lovely soft red hairs & red tinged stems. This is a hard to get vine from South America. Edible & delicious 5cm orange -yellow fruit. Takes frost as it is deciduous in colder inland &
tablelands winters. Plant in well drained conditions in full sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 (200 Parries) or 3 for $29








Dendrobium BubblegumDendrobium Bubblegum

Violet blue hardcane type, flowers from compact plants. Shadehouse, but does best with solid roof cover in a bright but indirect light position. These plants are in 70mm pots and are 150mm tall.

…..Priced at $17.90









Phalaenopsis Lianher Golden BeautyPhal. Lianher Golden Beauty

New release moth orchid, bright golden yellow, red in the lip. Low light grower, indoors best or a warm protected outdoor spot, similar to fern position. These plants are in 70mm pots and are 150mm tall.

…..Priced at $17.90






Small Plants for Small Prices!

COPPER TOPSAustromyrtus tenuifolia 'Copper Tops'

(1m**RfEdAbCD) Austromyrtus tenuifolia ‘Copper Tops’. This one is topped with attractive copper toned new growth. There are very few of this beautiful little plant left in its native habitat in NSW and QLD. Its dense unusual narrow foliage has a splendid compact soft appearance. White flowers in summer or autumn, followed by whitish edible berries. A great speciman, hedge or screen plant, suited to all frostfree areas. Part shade to full sun if  well mulched.

…..Priced at $3.90









….Soft Weeping Dark Green Foliage….

Baeckia virgata ‘Dwarf’

(1m**FABCD) This is a profuse white flowering dainty little densely foliaged weeping native which will flower prolifically from spring. The flowers are white and tiny and star shaped while the foliage is dark green fine and needle like. Frost resistant. Full sun or part shade.

….Priced at $3.90










Brunfelsia ‘Compacta’Brunfelsia pauciflora compacta

(1m*ABCD) The curious fragrant flowers on this one start off rich purple, change to lavender and then to white all in successive days. The result is that all three colours appear on this compact small shrub at the one tine. Masses of flowers in spring and summer. For all but the coldest climates. Full sun or part shade.

…..Priced at $3.90










IVORY CURL FLOWERBuckinghamia celcissima

(3mRfFmABCDe) Buckinghamia celcissima will present you with long hanging cascades of sweetly scented creamy white flowers in summer. Branches are held close to the ground making it an excellent screen plant. From the higher altitude rainforests of Nth QLD. Good in the garden or in a tub. Full sun or part shade.

…..Priced at $3.90










AZALEA EXQUISITEAzalea indica 'Exquisite'

(1.5mABCD) Azalea indica ‘Exquisite’ will give you masses of beautiful lilac pink flowers with a red throat in winter & spring. This is a small strong growing Azalea. Grow this one in a cool moist position, free from lime. Excellent in the garden or in a patio pot. Originally native to Japan, Azaleas will grow in cool and warm frostfree areas. Part shade is best.

…..Priced at $3.90







Saintpaulia ‘African Violets’ hybrids. These are your latest named hybrids and not your common old garden type. There are thousands of varieties. Easy to grow inside on your window sill. We have 5 New African Violet Hybrids. They are…

African Violet Tribute to Bill

African Violet Tribute to Bill

African violet Crystal Gazer

African violet Crystal Gazer


African Violet Pac Sui

African Violet Pac Sui

African violet Col. Mt Remarkable

African violet Col. Mt Remarkable

African Violet Ice Princess

African Violet Ice Princess

Moderate light to indoor light.

$8.90 each…. Any three for $25 or ….Five for $39






Anthurium White KingAnthurium White King

(60cmABCD) with a big bright white spathe and cream spadix. Its beautiful pointed bright green foliage Readily clumps and multiplies. Bred for mass flowering and cold hardiness. Filtered light.

Priced at $12.90 each




Anthurium ‘Red Queen’anthurium red queen

Dark glossy red flower with dark red spadix. Ideal as a indoor plant or plant in a shady spot or a pot in well lit area away from direct light.

Priced at $12.90 each

or Both for $23







Anthurium ‘Yellow’Anthurium Overflow Yellow

(75cmAbcD) Medium bright yellow medium flowers and yellow spadix. Into winter the flowers turn pinkish. Long flowering.





Anthurium ‘Black Queen’

Large almost black flowers. Bred for massive flowering, clumping, disease resistance and cold tolerance. Recent new Dutch hybrid.

Collection of Two Priced at $27








HOLLY FERNCyrtomium falcatum

(1mABCD) Cyrtomium falcatum. Attractive highly serrated slender fronds like a birdsnest fern and flushes of growth in rosettes making an appealing pot and hanger fern. Dwarf growth habit and is good indoors or in the bushhouse or rockery. Suited to all climates. Filtered light. Sent in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (160 Parries)









TEDDY JUNIORNephrolepis exaltata 'Teddy Junior'

(50cmABCD)  Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Teddy Junior’ is a handsome compact fern with both light and dark green semi weeping fronds.In a hanging basket will hang to the bottom of the pot. Indoors or out shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (160 Parries)








Phlebodium aureum mandianumPhlebodium aureum mandianum

(1m**ABCD) ‘Tasselled Form’ Syn.Polypodium. This is a very unusual native fern with large broad wavy fronds that grow to a massive one metre. This is a lovely tasselled form. Grows on a Rhizome. Makes a good basket, pot or garden plant in a damp position. Sent in 100 mm pots.

….Priced at $12.90 (160 Parries)



>>Click Here to get all three Ferns<<





Hoya Collection

A Home is not a Home….Without a Hoya


Hoya australis


Hoya australis. Shiny ovate shaped leaves with clusters of white waxy triangler petal flowers with a red and white centre.

…..$8.90 (180 Parries)




HOYA POTTSIIhoya pottsii

Will present you with a large of cluster of shiny white with a yellow center star shaped flowers with a pleasant fragrance.

…..$9.90 each (200 Parries)





HOYA ‘RED BUTTONS’ (C)Hoya red Buttons7

Hoya publicalyx ‘Red Buttons’ Exciting flowers. Big 10cm clusters of dark red fuzzy white edged flowers.

…..$8.90 (160 Parries)





HOYA CUMINGIANAhoya cummingiana

(w) Hoya cumingiana – a sturdy non twining hoya with strongly perfumed star like pointed yellow flowers.

…..$8.90 each (150 Parries)




HOYA CORIACEAHoya coriacea

Will present you with huge umbels of up to 50 flowers! Light lime yellow with long silky hairs on the petals. The crown of the flower is very waxy and pure white to pale pink with a mauve centre (corona). This is a fast grower which you will love instantly.

…..$9.90 (170 Parries)




HOYA HEUSCHKELIANAHoya heuschkeliana

Pink urn shaped flowers in clusters. Yellow blend and have butterscotch/caramel fragrance.

…..$9.90 each (140 Parries)







HOYA MULTIFLORA ‘SHOOTING STAR’ Hoya multifora Flecked Leaf

(1maD) Flowers will surprise you, so amazing they come to you like shooting stars. The star shaped are bright yellow, white with a dab of pink centrally. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each




HOYA ‘HAWAIIAN ROYAL PURPLEHoya pubicalyx hawaiian royal purple

Hoya pubicalyx ‘Hawaiian Royal Purple’ – Hoya with clusters of 20-30 pink to black flowers with deep red centres. Happy under shade down to 0o C in winter. Part shade.

…..$8.90 (150 Parries)




HOYA CINNAMOMIFOLIAHoya cinnamomifolia

(VABcD) Great big balls of lime green maroon centred flowers. Big beautifully shaped & heavily veined leaves on this climber. Filtered light to morning sun.

…..$12.90 (200 Parries)




Key to Cold Tolerance: Letter after Hoya Name:C=Cool Growing, M= Intermediate Temperatures W=Warm Growing-Sub Tropical+ Note: Cool Growing will also thrive in the hotter conditions but the warm growing do not appreciate the cooler conditions.

Hoya Ideas

Find a place where you can run some horizontal tie wires and run between two posts, trees or whatever. Run a tie wire about every 25-30cm and where the wires meet the post attach a pot of hoya of the climbing variety. You can strap them on or nail the pots on. Let the hoyas run along the wires as they grow. Vines that run horizontally produce more flowers than those running vertically.



Delicious Collection

Delicious April – May Collection 1

Pink DragonfruitHylocereus undatus pink fruit

(4.5mAbcD) Hylocereus undatus
Excellent pink fruit
(1kg). Pink flesh.
Will grow any where.
Fragant white flowers.
Full sun or bright light.
…..Priced at $14.90 ea (250 Parries)


Burdekin PlumPleiogynium timorense

Pleiogynum timorense
Lovely native tree with
edible purple plum like
fruits. Full sun or light shade.
…..Priced at $9.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $25



Tahitian Limecitrus aurantifolia

(3mEdFmABC) Citrus
. Highly
favoured small seedless
fruit. Popular in asian
cooking. Most climates.
Takes frost….Priced at $12.90 ea (200 Parries)




Delicious April – May Collection 2

TURMERICCurcuma longa turmeric

(70cmEdABCD) Curcuma longa
One of the worlds most potent
herbs for cure & prevention
incl. cancer & dementia.
Spice for your foods.
Full sun or shade.
….Priced at $9.90 or 3 for $25



TAMARINDTamarindus indica

(20cmEdAbcD) Tamarindus indica
15cm long juicy fruits.
Many uses for food
flavoring. Also can be
made into a drink. Full Sun.
….Priced at $9.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $25


Black SapoteDiospyros digyna black sapote

(5mEdAD) Diospyros digyna
Pulp looks and tastes like
fine chocolate mousse!
Eat fresh or after freezing.
…..Priced at $9.90 each or 3 for $25




Delicious April – May Collection 3

GALANGALAlpinia galanga rhizome

(1.8mEdABCD) Alpinia galanga
Highly sought ginger
for its cooking value &
medicine. Full sun or part
shade. Rhizomes.
……Priced at $9.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $25


SOURSOPAnnona muricata soursop

(6mEdabcD) Annona muricata
Attractive little shade tree will give
you the most delicious fruit to eat
fresh. Very juicy and makes a
tangy drink. Contains vitamin C, B1
and B2. For warm areas. Full sun
…..Priced at $12.90 (200 Parries) or 3 for $29


DIABETES PLANTGynura procumbens

(1mEdABCD) Gynura
. Has reknowned
reputation as a blood balancer.
Tastes fines and be eaten raw
or in smoothies, salads and
stir fries. Good in tea. Shade.
…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $23 or 5 for $39




Delicious April – May Collection 4

EDIBLE GINGER PLANTSZingiber officianale

(1mEdAbcD) Zingiber officianale.
Grow your own delicious
ginger…let it clump..eat the
rhizome. Full sun or part
shade. Deciduous.
…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries)



(4mEdABCD) Psidium littorale ‘Red Giant’.
Produces you extra large
cherry guavas. Fruit is
usually ready in late
summer & autumn in tropical climates. Full sun or shade.
….Priced at $8.90 or 3 for $23


KWAI MUKArtocarpus hypargyraeus

(4mFmEdAbc) Artocarpus
hypargyraeus. They say ‘the
ugliest fruit’ with the best
flavour. Can be eaten raw,
preserved or sun dried.
Warm climates. Can take light frost. Full sun.
…..Priced at $12.90 (250 Parries)



Amazing Plants Available and in Stock!

….Beware You Will Be Dazzled!….

(15-30cmAbD) Fittonia’s are extremely attractive little plants! The coloured veins will definitely catch your eyes and will certainly strike up conversation with a house visiter. These three new cultivars of Fittonia plants are characterized by small dark their dark green leaves along with their coloured veins. When the stem splits, a bud will often break out and small white flowers will appear. Light shade. These Fittonias are:

Fittonia albivenis
Fittonia Pink

Fittonia albivenis.
Frilly wavy
edged leaves with
bright pink veins.



fittonia red glow
Fittonia Red Glow

Thick reddish pink





fittonia flammule
Fittonia Flammule

Dark green leaves
with contrasting red veins.




Fittonia JadeFittonia Jade

Light pink orangey veins with both dark and light jade green leaves.


$7.90 each

PS. Fittonia are known to ‘faint’ but are easily revived with a quick watering and will resume to its healthy state. Fittonia are best kept in moist areas.










(8m**ABCD) Pleiogynum timorense is a lovely native tree with edible purple plum like fruits about 4cm across. Very attractive with red new growth, rough bark and a dense crown …making it a great shade tree. This amazing small tree is highly suited to planting in the dry inland and also cool areas. They withstand frost by becoming deciduous in winter. Burdekin Plum comes from Gympie and Central QLD in dry and subtropical rainforest. Full sun or light shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $25








HOYA POTTSIIhoya pottsii

(V*ABcD) Hoya pottsii will present you with a cluster of shiny white with a yellow center star shaped flowers with a pleasant fragrance. The leaves are dark green with maroon faded edges and a very visible vein. The more sun you give this hoya, the more reddish the leaves look. It is an attractive easy fast growing hoya.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (200 Parries)









CALATHEA VITTATACalathea elliptica 'Vittata'

(40mAbcD) Calathea elliptica ‘Vittata’. A foliage plant with light to mid greenleaves, marked with white stripes running pararell along the veins. Pale cream spring flowers appear in a cluster on the bright green bracts. This is a gorgeous hard to get non fussy clumping plant, native to South America. Put in the garden as a low growing contrast plant in warm climates. Highly favoured as indoor plants as they romp ahead in low light conditions. Shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 each or 3 for $15.90








GREEN VELVET ALOCASIAAlocasia micholitziana

(1mAbcD) Alocasia micholitziana.
Here is a stunning Elephant Ear for you with emerald green foliage with bright white stripes. The 45cm leaves feel like satin. Great indoors as they will take low light but they do like humidity…so place a bowl of water nearby. Gives your garden the tropical look. Only grow to one metre. If your temperatures get below zero in winter it will be deciduous but it will multiply.. Keep it drier to retain winter foliage. From South America. Shade to bright shade to morning sun.

….Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries)









(4mEdABCD) Psidium littorale ‘Red Giant’ provides you with delicious extra large cherry guavas. This is an attractive shrub with decorative appeal with its shiny green leaves and attractively mottled trunk. Its attractive white flowers with prominent stamens come forth in springto early summer. Fruit is usually ready for harvest in late summer and autumn and in tropical climates you will get two crops per year. Prune him if necessary to keep bushy and fruit close to the ground. Suited to all areas with no more than a light frost. Full sun.

…..Priced $8.90 or 3 for $23










(Tree EdAbcD) aka Saman Saman/Raintree
Samanea saman. Wide umberella foliage on this gorgeous fast growing tree. Gets covered in fluffy heads of pink flowers with white stamens, followed by 20cm caramel tasting pods. This is a leguminous tree prized as a shade tree. Great Bonsai, great timber and many medicinal uses. From Venezuala the height it grows will depend on rainfall and location south of Rockhampton expect 10m further north taller and very tall in a forest. Frost and drought tender but can drop foliage to counter adverse conditions. Warm frostfree coastal areas.

…..Priced at $7.90 or 3 for $21









SLENDER WEAVER BAMBOOBambusa textilis gracilis

(6-8mFABCD) Bambusa textilis gracilis. This is a landscapers favourite bamboo! It is by far the best choice as a private screen against two story buildings, completely hiding your neighbours or even hiding an unsightly building and it is an absolute stunner while doing it. You would not believe how fast this can grow, taking just under 18 months to reach full height! This can be done in a narrow garden bed without needing much space as it is tight clumping. Classic beautiful and tropical bamboo look! Upright growing with tidy lush green foliage with smooth green culms. Drought and very cold tolerant when well estabslished. Low mantainence. Full sun to part shade. Plants 1m tall looserooted from 200mm pots.

…..Priced at $59









VARIEGATED SHAMPOO GINGERZingiber zerumbut 'Darceyi'

(1.5mABCD) Zingiber zerumbet ‘Darceyi’
Gorgeous plant & flower arrrangement with amazing ground level cones that turn red with a yellow flower coming forth from under every scale. Very bright white variegated foliage. As this is a deciduous plant in winter it can be easily be grown in southern areas. Shampoo is made from the milky substance in the cone.Full sun to light shade.

…..Priced at $14.90 each.











THAI AGLAONEMA No.2Aglaonema Pink Dalmation

Amazing colours can now be yours also..Beautifully marked succulent looking light pink and/or spotted white with dark green leaves and pink veins. Aglaonemas are soothing foliage plants that are great under dull light conditions…keep on the dry side in tempratures below 25oC. Colour can vary depending on the light intensity. Great in a pot inside in cooler areas or outside or in a subtropical garden. Aglaonema are so easy care you cant go wrong because they love the shade they handle indoor conditions with ease and in warm areas they will light up any garden. Branch readily for you. They are tough & handle a variety of conditions and are relatively pest resistant and long lived.

…..Priced at $12.90 (200 Parries) each









KWAI MUKArtocarpus hypargyraeus

(4mFmAbcD) Artocarpus hypargyraeus. They say ‘the ugliest fruit’ with the best flavour. It is a slender very ornamental fruit tree from China with a tasty orange pulped fruit. The pulp can be eaten raw, preserved or sun dried. Self pollinating Kwai Muk is very highly sought fruit tree. For warm coastal climates but can take a light frost. Full sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (250 Parries)









TANGO KANGAROO PAWAnigozanthos Tango

(70cm F**ABC) Anigozanthos ‘Tango’. Will give you masses of big bright orange Kangaroo Paw heads starting in spring and lasting for months including winter. Can be used in dry flower arrangements. The flowers mass just above the foliage. The plant itself has narrow arching sword like foliage which will clump for you. Native to WA. They thrive in a well drained or sandy soil. Full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 (180 Parries)










THAI BEAUTY ‘MAUVE’Globba winittii

(1mAbcD) Globba winitii is just so beautiful a Ginger it will stir your imagination to new heights with its long trailing (20cm) mauve or white flowers with protruding gold. The large leaves are a delicate pale green. The overall appearance is sensual and delicate, but this is one tough plant and the flowers last for ages- This is a deciduous perennial plant and the bulbs should be kept warm and dry over winter but they do not rot easily. In spring Thai Beauty will then grow, multiply and flower rapidly for you. From the forests of Thailand it is best suited to shaded areas, patios and indoors. Excellent for pot culture. As a deciduous perennial it should be OK in most climates particularly in a pot. Keep him moist in a well drained situation. Shade.

…..Priced at $14.90 each (300 Parries)








*SILVER TRUMPET TREETabebuia argentia

(6mAbD) Tabebuia argentia is one of the more beautiful flowering trees. This one has silver grey bark and grey-green leaves covered with silver scales and in stunning contrast, vivid chrome yellow trumpet flowers in terminal bunches in spring. Grey fruit. Interesting spirally twisted upper limbs. This is a lovely little semi-deciduous tree. Native to Paraguay. Full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $23









….Not Commonly Available….

RACEHORSE TREEColvillea racemosa

(8mFAbD) Colvillea racemosa is a remarkable sight in full flower. Long dense clusters of brilliant orange pea shaped flowers resembling a horses mane.The Racehorse Tree has a magnificent crown with fernlike foliage not unlike a Poinciana. Also known as Colville’s Glory this one is a native of Madascar where so many interesting plants seem to abode. In southern warm temperate climates it will be deciduous but further north will retain it’s foliage. Full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $25.00








…Arching Foliage a…Red Flowers…

RED CORAL BUSHRussellia equisitiformis Red

(1.5mFABCD) Russellia equisitiformis ‘Red’. If you want an attractive small shrub with instant small prolific red tubular flowers in large sprays this one is for you. Beautiful light green arching foliage with soft needle like leaves. All new growth cascades from the centre of the plant. Most climates except the coldest tablelands. Great in the garden or cascading over a bank or water feature etc. Full sun to light shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21










(1-2m**AbcD) Melastroma affine ‘Purple’ has attractive 8cm stiff purple flowers. Long flowering esp. in summer. Rounded attractive shape. Edible fruit. Also a good foliage plant. Likes a warm climate. Sun or shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21









(2mAbcDe) Ixora williamsii. Masses of deep red flowers over long periods. They flower continuously throughout the warmer months with a vibrant range of colours from apricot through to bright red. Full sun to light shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21










WHITE EVOLVULUSevolvulus pilosus white

(70cmAbcD) Evolvulus pilosus ‘White’ is an attractive moundshaped plant with attractive white flowers about 2cm across in all the warm months. Each neatly shaped plant has a spread of about one metre. Suited to warm frost free climates. Full sun or semi shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21










CHRISTMAS PRIDERuellia macranthra

(1.5mABCD) Ruellia macranthra. This is a great colourful shrub with bright purple-pink open flared bell flowers on short stems. Gets a spread of 1m. Medium soft light green foliage. A native of Brazilbut can be grown in colder climates. Great in the ground or in a pot, especially in colder climates where more protection can be given. Suited to warm and coastal climates. Full sun.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21

Epidendrum Rasberry Valley

Mini growing white crucifix. Best in a warm bright position, these are not a full sun type. These plants are 130mm tall in 70mm pots

…..Priced at $16.90









Rlc. Chief Sunny ‘Dragon’Rlc Chief Sunny 'Dragon'

Compact growing Cattleya with medium size orange flowers having red petal splashing. These are in 70mm pots

…..Priced at $16.90









Grevillea Strawberry SundaeGrevillea strawberry sundae

(1m) will give you gorgeous 15cm creamy pink flower spikes with flattened foliage. Flowers throughout the year. This is a wonderful hybrid Grevillea. Full sun. Light frost or shelter from heavy frost. Full sun.

…..Priced at $3.90 each









*SPANISH IRISDietes bicolor

(1mFABCDE) Dietes bicolor produces never ending yellow flowers with several attractive brown blotches, whenever the weather is warm. Flowersshoot out above the attractive swordlike foliage on spikes. Makes a nice accent, border or rockery plant.Native to South Africa (no not Spain at all!) It is both drought and frost resistant and can be grown in any climate. Full sun.

…..Priced at $3.90 each









PHILODENDRON XANADUPhilodendrum xanadu

This is a famous self heading Philodendron with highly ornate very deeply serrated, dark glossy veined leaves (25cm). Clumps beautifully rosetting from the centre and forming additional plants as it goes. Will enhance any garden area. Grows about one metre tall in part sun or shade.

…..Priced at $3.90 each









BURGUNDY QUEEN TEATREELeptospermum scoparium Burgundy Queen

(1.5m**FABCD) Leptospermum scoparium ‘Burgundy Queen’ is a medium native shrub with rich burgundy winter-spring flowers that match strikingly against the darker red tones of its narrow short pointed foliage. Frost resistant and suited to all climates. Will grow in full sun through to heavy shade.

…..Priced at $3.90









SOCIETY GARLICTulbaghia violacea

(35cmFABCDE) Tulbaghia violacea flowers for long periods in spring & summer. Will surprise you with the beauty of its abundant lilac-pink flowers on a tall slender stems. Narrow blue-grey leaves. Hardy clumping plant. Tolerant of cool temperatures. All climates. Full sun.

…..Priced at $3.90










(1mAbcD) Purple foliage plant with attractive mauve flowers. The narrowish foliage is actually green with mauve and white variegations. Mauve flowers in spring & summer. Great for tubs, borders, patios, accent foliage and as a garden specimen. Ideal small shrub for a sunny or partly shaded, well-drained position. Warm coastal climates.

…..Priced at $3.90 each









RARE GIANT MYSTERY MAIDAdiantam polyphyllum

(120cmAD) Adiantum polyphyllum. We have not done this Maidenhair ever and think it is Adiantum polyphyllum with 85% certainty. Attractive large growing with pale pink new growth turning to silver bronze and finally to a pale green. For warm areas only.

…..Priced at $13.90 each (200 Parries)







(70cmABCDe) Asplenium antiguum is a hard to get Birdsnest with narrowerand more plentiful leaves than the native Birdsnest, also more compact. The leaves occasionally have tassells on the ends. The well promoted ‘Victoria’ is a curly leaved cultivar of this fern.Easy to grow and fast growing. Native to Japan it is cold tolerant. Shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries)







VICTORIA PTERISPteris ensiformis cv. Victoriae

(60cmABCD) Pteris ensiformis cv. Victoriae. Very decorative, easy to grow fern with narrow leaflets banded in silver and edged in green. Suitable for pots, indoors, bush-houses and shaded garden positions.

…..Priced at $12.90 (180 Parries)









SILVER DOLLAR MAIDENHAIRAdiantum peruvianum 'Silver Dollar'

(40cmAbcD) Adiantum peruvianum ‘Silver Dollar’
This is a highly sought Maidenhair with lovely semi-arching fronds to 70cm. Its new growth has a distinctive metallic sheen. Maidenhairs require warm bushhouse or sheltered conditions. Sent in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $13.90 each








….Attract Giraffe to Your Backyard….Wisteria bolusanthus


(6mFmABCD) Bolusanthus speciosus is a sight to behold with its multitudes of hanging racemes of blue violet flowers from spring into summer.. Yes absolutely covered. This is a small tree from Southern Africa. Deciduous for a short period in early spring. Takes drought & light frost & grows well as a tub specimen. Gorgeous bonsai. Non aggressive roots. Monkeys, Giraffe & Antelope dine on the foliage! Full sun. These plants are 250mm tall plants in 70 mm pots.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries) or 3 for $25








(2mABCDE) Alocasia cucullataAlocasia cucullata
This Elephant Ear is a beauty with its dark grey-green broadly heart shaped pointed leaves on longish stems… like Buddhas hand reaching up to the heavens. Chinese beliefs dating back to ancient times say that it will give you long life and prosperity! Each growing to about 35 cm on a stout branching stem. The leaf surface is also attractively marked right thru winter. Long white flower. Easy to grow and hardy in most climates except the cooler inland unless in a protected position. Loves shade and part shade. Good indoors. 200mm plants in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries)









GOLDEN CANDLESPachystachys lutea

(90cmAbcD) Pachystachys lutea will brighten any garden with its bright golden bracts errupting like candles. The true flowers are white and appear from inside the bract in a lovely display. Forms a clump of upright stems and each branch tip forms a candle. Attractive wide lance like foliage about 15cm long. Needs a warm frostfree coastal climate and indoors warm, well lit humid conditions. Partial to full sun.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21










…Spectacular Cycad…

Encephalartos gratus SproutsEncephalartos gratus

(3mAbcD) This is a spectacular Cycad, from Malawi and Mozambique. It is vigorous and not at all slow growing. It is highly ornamental with long arching fronds to 3m and producing multiple red cones much larger than a pineapple. It starts forming a trunk after 5 years. Grows in rocky gorges and slopes at 600m altitude. Requires good drainage and moderate watering. Grows in full sun down to 50% shade. Suited to warm frostfree climates from warm temperate to tropical but will take a light frost. These are sprouts that germinated in December.

…..Priced at $14.90 each






SNAKE LILY (Bulbs)Amorphophallus bulbifer

(1mABCDe) Amorphophallus bulbifer
Your Snake Lily will be a great talking piece as it goes through its strange life cycle. The one metre stem is patterned like a carpet snake skin and unfurls into an interesting leaf arrangement. At around its third year it will push up a thick short stem which produces a lovely pink arum flower.After flowering bright red fruit is produced on the spadix. There is a seed inside each fruit..Snake Lily dies off in autumn each year & comes back in spring. Dappled shade to full sun in a moist position. These are bulbs.

…..Priced at $14.90 (180 Parries)

PS Amorphophallus species produce some of the worlds most amazing flowering arrangements.







…..Eyecatching Beauty…..Polyalthia longifolia


(9mD) Polyalthia longifolia is a very unusual tree to look at with its narrow symmetrical shape and willowy weeping pendulous branches. You may have admired it in parts of Nth & Central QLD. Its long narrow lance like wavy edged leaves have copper toned new growth!! The Mast Tree is a lofty evergreen tree, native to India. In spring the tree is covered with delicate star-like pale green flowers. Will grow in very warm frost free coastal areas Rockhampton and further north. In 100mm pots. Full Sun.

…..Priced at $15.90 or 3 for $44











Cordyline KiwiCordyline fruticosa 'Kiwi'

(2mAbcD) Cordyline fruticosa ‘Kiwi’
Colourful broad leaves
with green and white
stripes and markings
with dark pink edges on
around the leaves. Good
indoors but don’t over-
water in winter. Shade or
morning sun. Part to full
shade or morning sun

PINK CHAMPIONCordyline Pink Champion

(2mAbcD) Cordyline fruticosa ‘Pink Champion’.
These very bright foliage
plants come out in
brilliant rose & pink
shades & dark green
mix. The leaves form
rosettes around the
narrow stem. Cordylines
give colour to your garden
all year round.


(2mAbcD) Cordyline fruticosa ‘Miss Andrea’. A very
bright cordyline with
a beautiful blend of
soft pastels of green,
brown and creamy
yellow. Cordylines
give colour to your
garden all year round.
Shade or morning
sun. Full sun with good moisture.

Priced at $7.90 each (150 Parries) or all 3 for $21

Cordylines can grow to 2-3m but it is best to cut them off and plant the cuttings and at the same time branch your plant.









(2mABCD) Adenium obesum is a branching succulent that can also be used in bonsai. Actually likes being rootbound and be careful not to overwater. Use a very coarse mix to keep it on the dry side. Makes an incredible pot speciman. Needs good light in full sun or part shade. The more sun the better. We have two Adenium obesum: White, Red & Pretty Pink… small plants in 70mm pots.

Adenium obesum white

Adenium obesum Red

Adenium obesum Pretty Pink

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries) or three for $23







…Arching Foliage …Apricot Flowers…


(1.5mFABCD) Russellia equisitiformis ‘Tangerine Falls’
If you want an attractive small shrub with instant small prolific brilliant apricot orange tubular flowers in large sprays this one is for you. Beautiful light green arching foliage with soft needle like leaves. All new growth cascades from the centre of the plant. This little beauty is a native of Mexico and grows in most climates except the coldest tablelands. Great in the garden or cascading over a bank or water feature etc. Full sun to light shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21








BAUHINIA GALPINIBauhinia galpini

(1.5mFmABCD) This is one of the most colourful of the Bauhinias with distinctive red – orange spoon shaped flowers that are borne in showy clusters in summer to autumn. Forms an interesting wide mound shape. Native to SE Africa. Takes a light frost but put in a protected position if you get frosts frequently. Not for the coldest tablelands. Full sun to light shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21









(3mFmEdABCD) Hamelia patens
Brilliant flowers and fast growing. Clusters of yellow, orange and red tubular flowers for all the warm months. The flowers are then followed by small red berries turning black when matured and are edible, having a refreshing acidic taste and are used in mexico for femented beverage. The leaves turn from green to a purple-red colour during winter. Hummingbird Bush will attract birds and butterflies for pollination. Native to South America where hummingbirds do the job. Prefers well drained soil. Does well in heat. Frost and drought tolerant. Full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 each or 3 for $23








Epidendrum Wedding Valley ‘Sakura’Epidendrum Wedding Valley 'Sakura'

New release Crucifix Orchid, soft pink flowers with white petal tips and in the lip. Bright but indirect light position, keep moist in the warmer months for best results. These plants 200mm tall in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $16.90 each







Dendrobium Twisted Blue

Dendrobium Twisted Blue

Antelope type hardcane Dendrobium with unusual blue twisted flowers on long spikes. Bright warm position best, plenty of water in the summer months, reduced watering in the Winter. Covered growing position best in the winter. These plants 200m tall in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $17.90 each








CAROLBackhousia myrtifolia

(3m**RfFABCDe) Backhousea myrtifolia. Outstanding dense foliage. Bears prolific white flowers in large clusters in summer followed by small seed capsules with attractive and persistent white calyx lobes that look like flowers and last for months! The leaves are highly fragrant when crushed. Will grow in all areas and is frost resistant. Full sun to semi-shade.

…..Priced at $3.90 (120 Parries)










Melaleuca linariifolia 'Claret Tops'


(4m**FABCD) Melaleuca linariifolia ‘Claret Tops’. Tip of the foliage is a vibrant red colour and green all the way down. Small white flowers. Flowering in late spring and summer. Dense bushy shrub. Native to NSW and QLD and is presumed to be extinct in its native habitat. It can take poor drainage and is frost resistant. Full sun.

…..Priced at $3.90 (120 Parries)











AUTUMN FERNDryopteris erythrosora

(30cmFABC) Dryopteris erythrosorys is an attractive adaptable fern which will grow in the coldest frost and snow climates as well as the subtropics. The young fronds are a bronze pink. Can be grown in a pot or in the garden. Shade or semi shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries)







NETHERLANDS ELKPlatycerium veitchii

(50cm**ABCD) Platycerium veitchii Hybrid is a hybrid developed in Holland. It has fronds that appear to be covered with a thick grey felt. This is a water conserving device. The fertile fronds are mostly erect while the shield fronds display unusual finger-like projections when grown in bright light. Can be mounted on a plaque or on a tree for a more natural growth pattern. Easy to grow in a protected garden in good light and morning sun…not heavy shade. Liquid fertilise often. Very drought and frost resistant. Do not overwater! These plants are supplied potted in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $15.90 each.







DIABETES PLANTGynura procumbens

(1mEdABCD) Gynura procumbens aka Plant of Longevity, Sambung. This plant has a renowned reputation as a blood balancer. Reports are that if Diabetics eat 6-12 leaves a day they will no longer require insulin. Scientific studies on rats verify this. Satisfy yourself by googling this plant and searching YouTube. Diabetes Plant is reputed to have other medicinal values like lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and inhibiting cancer cells. Diabetes Plant tastes fine and can be eaten raw, in smoothies, salads and stir fries. Good in a tea. Fast growing in all areas….fleshy leaved evergreen. Full sun light shade.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $23 or 5 for $39

NB Gynura procumbens contains asparaginase which is an enzyme that lowers acrylamides in the body….acrylamides are cancer causing substances.





….Huge One Metre Crinkled Leaves….

GIANT SPATHYPHYLLUMSpathyphyllum ‘Sensation’

(2mAbcD) Spathyphyllum ‘Sensation’
This is a gorgeous Giant Spathyphyllum. Its broad one metre plus crinkled leaves are a lushe grey-green and sensational as the name implies. Big pure white long lasting hooded flowers.Create the look of the tropics in your backyard. Family Aracaea. For all warm coastal climates. Filtered light right down to low light conditions. Great in pots or in a warm garden. Sent in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $12.90 (250 Parries)






…Makes A Great Office Plant!…

ZANZIBAR GEMZamioculcas zamiifolia

(60cmAbD) Zamioculcas zamiifolia
Due to its small size & attractive foliage, its air purifying ability and low light & water requirement makes Zamioculcas zamiifolia a great indoor plant, especially in your office areas! It’s glossy green foliage helps bring colour indoors of your home or work office. Flowers usually around mid summer, the flower is a yellow to bronze spadix with a green spathe. Can go a long time without water. Avoid overwatering. Part shade.

…..Priced at $14.90 each (250 Parries)






…Powder from Rhizome Sells for $1000/Kg…

ZINGIBER AROMATICUMZingiber aromaticum

(2mEdAbcD) Zingiber aromaticum Syn. Zingiber zerumbet (L.) Smith. Nice landscaper with lovely basal cone bracts with white yellow flowers coming out of the bracts. Young rhizome tips, new shoots and the flowers can be cooked or eaten raw or put in a blender. Zingiber aromaticum has many medinical properties including anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer properties.The rhizome powder sells for $1000 a kilogram at a Gold Coast Cancer Clinic (see Doctors are Dangerous.com) it is so well thought of there. Native to India. Dormant in winter if a cold winter. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (250 Parries)







BLUE WITCHES HATSPycnostachys urticifolia

(2mFmAbCD) Pycnostachys urticifolia
True to its name, this evergreen shrub produces vivid blue flowers shaped like a witches hat in autumn and winter. Growing at the tips of the branches. Pruning the plant back well & keeping the height to about 1m will encourage extra flowering most of the year around. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries)









….Startling Wedding Flower Variety….

CREAM TURMERIC – Wedding FlowerCurcuma longa syn. domestica

(70cmEdAD) Curcuma longa syn. domestica. This variety of Turmeric is also known as the Wedding flower as that is what it is renowned for. Gorgeous 30cm white and green bracts with startling yellow flowers emerging. This is a great cut flower.Yes it still has medicinal values but not as high a curcumin concentration as our Orange rhizomed variety. The young buds and new leaf are delicious fresh and used in cooking and you can cook fish in the older leaves.Warm conditions but a cold winter will not harm the foliage as it is deciduous. Full sun or shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $25







Bougainvillea 'Singapore Pink'


(1.5mFABcD) Bougainvillea ‘Singapore Pink’. What a standout with bold green foliage and its huge mass of pink blooms! And a smaller yellow white flowers along with the pink blooms! Still flowering into winter! Flowers all the warm months. This is a medium grower suited to pots. These are great in a patio pot or over a stump or in hanger. They do not mind being dry. Full sun in a very well drained soil with regular fertiliser. Native to South America.

…..Priced at $12.90 each.









(2m**AbcD) Schefflera arboricola Varigated has gorgeous creamy white variegated foliage. Makes a delightful houseplant with its glossy umbrella foliage and its ability to handle low light. Also a good self maintaining garden plant with fragrant yellow-green flowers in interesting terminal clusters like the spokes of a wheel, abundant yellow-orange berries follow. Native to Queensland, New Guinea and Java it is very hardy. For warm coastal areas or indoors in winter. Full sun or shade.

…..Priced at $8.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $23









…Don’t Let the Kids Discover this or its Gone…

BLACK SAPOTEDiospyros digyna black sapote

(5mEdAD) Diospyros digyna aka Choc. Pudding Fruit. Pulp looks & tastes like a fine chocolate mousse! Tastes great. Eat fresh or after freezing. Ingredient for cakes, custard, liquors etc. No frost. Full sun.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries) or 3 for $25

PS It is unrelated to other Sapotes. Sapote comes from the Aztec word ‘tzapotl’ which was used to describe all soft sweet fruit.











SHOWY COSTUS (Ginger)Costus potierae

(2m**RfAbcD) Costus potierae is an interesting clumping Ginger with very unusual white and golden marked flowers. In summer a single flower erupts from under each scale on its weird round green cone. Native to the rainforests of North Queensland it is a shade lover and does particularly well indoors as well as out in the garden or rockery or in a tub. Foliage makes an attractive feature. Likes a well composted position and moisture. Most of the Gingers can be cut back prior to their spring flush when they reshoot vigorously off a strong rhizome. Will grow in warm temperate areas. Shade or part sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (160 Parries)










BLUE SAGE BUSHEranthemum pulchellum

(1mFmABD) Eranthemum pulchellum is a lovely neat plant from India with exciting blue expanding tubular flowers with a deep purple throat, providing its display for us in mid winter. They are five petalled and occur in terminal spikes.Glossy oval leaves with prominent veins. Valued in the East for its beauty and medicinal value as it is used to treat wounds, earache and rheumatism. Needs a protected position in partial shade or morning sun. Moderately frost and drought resistant.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) 3 for $21











Dendrobium Emma McKinney Moller ‘Forever’Dendrobium Emma McKinney Moller 'Forever'

Mini compact growing hardcane type, pure white flowers with a darker maroon centre. Near flowering size in 80mm pots.

…..Priced at $17.90 each












Rth. Chunfong Smile ‘Cluster’Rth. Chunfong Smile 'Cluster'

Compact growing Cattleya with lemon flowers having red highlights in the petals. Shadehouse conditions. In 70mm pots and 150mm tall.

…..Priced at $16.90 each










CALLIANDRA HULA GIRLCalliandra haematocephala Hula Girl

(1.5mAbcD) Calliandra haematocephala ‘Hula Girl’ is an exciting small shrub with bright pink and white half powder puff like balls 8cm across, flowering brilliantly for you in summer and autumn. The leaves are green-grey and fernlike. The Red Powder Puff is a native of Brazil and will grow in mild frostfree climates. Full sun.

…..Priced at $3.90 (120 Parries)












WALLUM BANKSIABanksia aemula

(3m**FABCD) Banksia aemula
Green flower spikes to 15cm long and attractive serrated leaves. This is a great bird attracter which develops a knarled trunk in time. Tolerant of poor drainage and frost. Native of NSW and QLD.

…..Priced at $3.90 (120 Parries)











MAIDENHAIR TREE FERNdidymochlaena truncatula

(1mABCD) Didymochlaena truncatula will provide you with gracefully arching fronds to one metre. They have bright rosy pink or bronze when young. Will grow all over Australia. A collectors fern it also makes an excellent tub plant and is good indoors. Grow in light to medium shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries)






JADE VINE – Phone Orders OnlyJade Vine, Strongylodon macrobotrys

(VAbD) Strongylodon macrobotrys. Its colour is unique in the entire world, its flowers are superb & it can be grown in warm areas, outside the tropics. There are few greater rewards than the Jade Vine in full bloom (Macaboy). Its flowers are a soft irredescent Jade blue-green and appear in summer for many months in long hanging racemes of amazing sickle-shaped pea blossoms. This is a flower you need to see to appreciate. The Jade Vine is a strong stemmed, woody, twining creeper with dense glossy dark green leaves. From the Phillipines. Outside the tropics, you will need a warm, sunny, well drained position. Morning sun to full sun. Customers north of Ballina, NSW Only!

…..Priced at $29 (550 Parries) each.

One of the worlds great flowers but please don’t order it if you do not live north of Ballina NSW in a frost free and humid climate. You would not like sending this special plant to its death. We have many more creations for you.





VOODOO LILYAmorphophallus konjac Amorphophallus konjac

(1mFABCD) Amorphophallus konjac. A very interesting Amorphophallus with a large eye catching purple spathe and spadix. Its got a very attractive snake patterned skin and a very surprising single leaf that unfurls after its winter dormancy. Its likely to flower every couple of years and the winter bulbs will multiply for you. Konjac is a native of eastern Asia. Drought tolerant and frost hardy. Full sun to part shade. We are sending these as plants.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (250 Parries)












Zygopetalum Scott Peters x Z. WilpenaZygo Scott Peters x Wilpena Pic 1

This is a glorious compact scented Zygo Hybrid with large flowers that are brown on lime green with a huge white purple spotted lip. Broad clumping foliage. More suited to warm coastal conditions. These plants are 350mm tall in 100 mm pots.

…..Priced at $22 each













..Famous Aboriginal Cancer Treatment..

GUMBY GUMBYPittosporumj phillyraeoides

(3m*,**ABCD) Pittosporum phillyreoides syn.angustifolium aka Native Apricot & more If you read the background to this plant you would be drinking its, tea easily made from its leaves every day! Famous for the treatment of cancer & many other ailments. Testimonials are easily available. Shown scientifically to kill cancer cells & act as a stimulant for the auto-immune system. There is scientific work going on now to put a patent on the cancer killing active ingredient & its mechanism. This is a tall weeping shrub with handsome narrow foliage masses of fragrant small cream bell flowers and 2cm orange fruit. Extensive inland but very hard to get.

…..Priced at $12.90 each or 3 for $29









RANGOON CREEPERQuisqalis indica

(Vine*AbcD) Quisqalis indica
Rangoon Creeper has a unique bloom. One plant will carry 3 different colour of flowers. Flowers starts white and with age turn pink and then red. They have a slight fragrance. The plant goes semi dormant during the winter and resprouts again when it warms up when the flowers will quickly cover its lushe foliage. Very adaptable to pot culture and to trimming back to shape. Full sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 (180 Parries) each









Euphorbia trigona ‘Red Devil’Euphorbia trygona 'Red Devil'

(1.8mABCD) This is a weird cactus like succulent that grows multiple one metre trunks in dark red. Red leaflets that disappear in winter. All euphorbias have milky sap which is corrosive to sensitive areas of the skin and can cause temporary blindness on eye contact. Most frostfree climates would be OK, this one likes well drained conditions. Sun or part shade inside or out. In 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (200 Parries)













YLANG YLANG TREE Cananga odorata

(8mFmAbcD) Cananga odorata is also known as the Perfume Tree. Ylang Ylang flowers are carried in mass clusters at the end of its elegant drooping branches. Each flower is a beautiful five-point star which begins as white, then green, then turning a rich, golden yellow as the blossoms mature. In warm weather it will bloom with abandon. Oil made from the flowers has a calming effect in aromatherapy and is used in perfumes and other lotions. Perfume of the flowers is indistinguishable from Chanel No. 5. Will grow in all frost free areas but will take a light frost. Can be grown in a pot. Full sun.

…..Priced at $14.90 each (250 Parries)










….Weird Flowers Great Landscaping….

FOXTAILagave attenuata

(1.5mABCD) Agave attenuata will give you the most amazing arching swan-neck like flowers over 2 metres tall. This is very attractive spineless cactus and can grow up to 1.5m tall. It has thick succulent grey pointed green leaves forming a rosette. A landscapers dream this is a very hardy plant that will set off any yard. Good container plant. Takes dry conditions. Full sun.

….Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries)











….Ceremonial Perennial….Ocimum gratissimum


(2mABCD) Ocimum gratissimum is a highly valued perennial bush..Holy Basil is a ceremonial plant of Indian spiritual tradition. Medicinal uses also & aphrodisiac. Widely used both in cooking for flavouring. Flush with the oil of eugenol, this is the clove smell associated with all plants known as Holy Basil or Tulsi. A robust plant it grows as perennial so long as it is protected and warm in winter. Native to India and Africa. Can be grown as a container plant. Full sun.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $29

Please Note: This is not Krishna Tulsi – Ocimum tenuiflorum used for Ayurvedic medicine & goes purple in the sun.











ALOE DELTIODEODONTAAloe deltoideodonta

(30cmFABCD) Leaves with tiny white specks. Orange flowers on top of the foliage. Grows to 30 cm and will multiply beautifully forming an eye catching clump. The epiphet ‘deltoideodonta’ means triangular teeth in reference to the shape of the teeth on the leaf margin. From Madagascar. Requires good drainage & water sparingly. Grow it in full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (170 Parries)












(60cmEAbcD) Epiphyllum Hybrid ‘Apricot’. Big impressive apricot flowers with broadish petals. Can grow in a pot or clinging on to a host as it is an epiphyte fromthe forests of South America. You could let it cling to a totem or the like. Takes cool and hot conditions. Growth is flat and long with spineless green branches. Epiphyllums are easy to grow in large hanging baskets or supported in a large pot with stakes or trellis. Easy to grow and mantain. Best in full sun….light shade OK.

…..Priced at $14.90 each (220 Parries)











PINK CHAMPIONCordyline Pink Champion

(2mAbcD) Cordyline fruticosa Pink Champion
These very bright
foliage plants come
out in brilliant rose
& pink shades & dark
green mix. The leaves
form rosettes around
the narrow stem.
Cordylines give colour
to your garden all year round.


Cordyline TartanCordyline Tartan

Brilliant dark
cordyline. Red
and dark brown
leaves with
white outlines
on the edges.

Priced at $7.90 each (150 Parries) or all 3 for $21

Cordylines can grow to 2-3m but it is best to cut them off and plant the cuttings and at the same time branch your plant.












….Finest of the Fine….

CHARLOTTE MAIDENHAIRAdiantum parvifolium Charlotte

(50cmABCD) Adiantum raddianum ‘Charlotte Parvifolium’ is a beautiful extremely fine foliaged compact grower. Teardropped shaped pinules. Takes down to 2oC in a sheltered spot. Bronze new growth. Sent in 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $13.90 each (180 Parries)










ANT PLANT COLLECTIONMyrmecodia becarrii

(30cmAbcD) Myrmecodia and Hydnophytum are unusual epiphytes..a wonder of nature. It has small semi-succulent thickened leaves growing on a hardened ball (hypocotyl) which develops from its stem. Part of the swollen base with small chambers that provides housing for ants. This is also beneficial for the plant as the plant digests the ants leftovers. Can also be grown in pots rather than on trees.
We have 7 different Ant plants. They are:

Myrmecodia becarii
White flowers emerge from the small hollows in the ball and then you get white, red, pink or orange fruit. From North QLD.
…..Priced at $15.90

Myrmecodia tuberosa ‘Papuana’ (Cape York)
Wavy green oval shaped leaves. Small white flowers will emerge from the spiny tubers.
…..Priced at $15.90

Myrmecodia tuberosa ‘Dahlii’
Wavy green oval shaped leaves. Small white flowers will emerge from the spiny tubers. From the New Britain-Bougainville area.

Hydnophytum moseleyanum (QLD)
Small white flowers emerge from the small hollows in the ball and then you get coloured fruit.
…..Priced at $15.90

Hydnophytum ferrugineum
Rare Australian native epiphyte. Foliar feed in spring.
…..Priced at $22.00

Filtered sunlight. Avoid over watering. Coarse epiphytic potting mix.









BLACK PAGODA LIPSTICK PLANT Aeschynanthus Black Pagoda

(60cmAbcD) Aeschynanthus ‘Black Pagoda’ is a lovely hanging Lipstick with dark red tubular flowers that thrust out of a dark brown leather like base. This is a most attractive contrast. Its leaves go very dark with age in sunlight with purple shades. Flowering in summer this is the most spectacular of all the Lipsticks. Shade.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries)







SNAKE PLANTSansevieria trifasciata 'Hahnii'

(30cmABCD) Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Hahnii’ makes a great sculptured speciman in a pot or in the garden. Lovely two tone green. Stocky tough thick pointed leaves in clumps. This is a proven old time performer recently acknowledged for its indoor style especially in a long narrow pot. Keep it dry. Inside or out full sun or shade. In 100mm pots.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (170 Parries)











SPOTTED LILYScilla ovalifolia

(15cmFABCD) Scilla ovalifolia. Green and white flowers clustered in eyecatching terminal spikes will be yours in spring with this interesting plant from the Liliaceae Family. The leaves are very attractive light green with dark olive green spots and are about 10cm long when sun grown. Spotted Lily grows from an above ground bulb which will multiply and spread forming a very unusual tight groundcover. Takes frost.

…..Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries)










RONDELETIA BRIGHT STARRondeletia Leucophylla

(4mAbD) Rondeletia Leucophylla
Excellent evergreen shrub with a bright pink 5 petal shaped flower hence the common name ‘Bright Star’ and a bright yellow center. Flowers attract butterflys with nectar. Rondeletia Bright Star blooms penta like clusters during late winter and throughout the year. Flowers have a sweetly fragrance to them, especially after the sun sets, so plant this where it can be appreciated. A good choice for containers. Native to Mexico. Part shade to full sun.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) each or 3 for $21







BURKWOOD OSMANTHUS Osmanthus x burkwoodii

(3m*AbCFm) Osmanthus x burkwoodii
Beautiful shrub that looks almost snow covered! Tough & evergreen that will cope well with winter conditions. Smooth textured and a great screening plant. Cluster of small, scented white flowers blooms in April, occasionally followed by a few black fruits. The leaves are 1-2 inches long, leathery and dark green coloured. Drought tolerant once established. Full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries)







Rlc. Golf Green ‘Hair Pig’Rlc. Golf Green 'Hair Pig'

Very unusual green Cattleya with fringed hairy lip. Medium size grower. Shadehouse frost free conditions. These plants are 130mm tall in 50mm pots.

…..Priced at $15.90







HARES FOOT FERNDavallia fejeensis

(30cmABcD) Davallia Species. Makes a delightful hanging basket with fine hanging fronds to 30cm. This is a tissue cultured unknown species to us It likes a warm moist atmosphere and good drainage in a coarse mixture. Filtered light.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 parries)








Sphenomeris chusanaSphenomeris chusana

(80cmABCD) This is one of the worlds more graceful ferns with its weeping finely divided fronds. In the sun it turns ochre red while in light shade at maturity it is lime green. Grow in the sun or part shade. In its native habitat grows on cliffs and bare ground.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (200 Parries)









*NATIVE FRANGIPANIHymenosporum flavum

(8m*,**RfFmABCDE) Hymenosporum flavum is an elegant native rainforest tree with attractive yellow fragrant (2.5cm) flowers on its branch tips in spring. Very attractive it has big glossy light green leaves. Native Frangipani is a small tree and is drought resistant. It is well proven inland but will need some frost protection in its first year. Native to the rainforests of NSW and QLD. Fast growing. Full sun or part shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21







WALKING IRISNeomarica northiana

(40cmABD) Neomarica northiana is an interesting curiosity plant with extremely attractive and unusually patterned spring and summer blue, yellow and white orchid like flowers. Very attractive 3cm wide straplike foliage in arching fans. Amazingly this plant travels, as the weight of the flowers bends the stems to the ground where they take root. The plant may travel a metre this way and hence the name ‘Walking Iris’. These are big strong strappy barerooted plants. Full sun or shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21








….Red & White Flowers in Winter…..heliconia-angusta-red-holiday2


(1mAbcD) Helicona angusta ‘Red Christmas’
This is a magnificent Heliconia which will amaze you with its striking bright red and white flowers during winter and spring! The flowers are long lasting and excellent for cut flowers. This is an attractive dwarf clumping variety good in a tub or in the garden. Keep this one in a warm, moist partly shaded position in well drained mix or soil. Known to flower in Sydney and Perth.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (250 Parries)








ELEPHANT TREEBeaucarnea recurvata

(3mFABCDE) Beaucarnea recurvata has a big round bulbous trunk. This is one weird plant! The top is crowned with pendulous grass like leaves up to 2m long. Spectacular sprays of small white flowers in spring. It can store a years water supply in its trunk. Looks great in a big pot or in the garden. A native of Mexico it grows Australia wide and is a very hardy plant. Takes frost and cold. Likes part shade to full sun.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21








BEARS BREACHESAcanthus mollis

(1mABCD) Acanthus mollis
Wow… look at the 1m, long lasting summer flower spikes on this one. The spectacular flowers are white below a purple bract. The leaves are dark green and deeply lobed and are also a feature. This is an excellent border or feature plant. Full sun or part shade.

…..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $21











SPEAR LILYDoryanthes palmeri

(4m**ABCD) Doryanthes palmeri is an unusual and amazing native plant, closely related to and just as spectacular as the Gymea Lily. From high altitude rainforest in NE NSW and SE QLD. The flower stem can be up to 5m tall with brilliant red flowers over the top half. The leaves themselves are speccy growing up to 3m long and are bright green, ribbed and swordshaped growing in a large rosette. This plant can be grown in a tub and makes a nice landscaping piece in the garden. Succesfully grown in Sydney and Melbourne. It is restricted to frostfree areas. Full sun to full shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries)






COSTUS PERU PINEAPPLECostus spicatus 'Peru Pineapple'

(2m*AbcD) Costus spicatus ‘Peru Pineapple’
A compact collectors Costus it has a large terminal floral arrangement with yellow flowers from bright red bracts. Flowers profusely. Lush green medium foliage. Many are grown for cut flowers. Flower petals open from a cone usually on the terminal ends of stems. Full sun to part shade. Sent as rhizomes.

…..Priced at $15.90 each (180 Parries)









Dendrobium Mitzuao White Dendrobium Mitzuao White

Hardcane type Dendrobium with long sprays of large white (approx. 80mm) flowers with full shape. Very soft pink tinge to the flower and lip. Near Flowering size. These plants are 180mm tall in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $19.00








EPIPHYLLUM REDepiphyllum red

(60cmEAbcD) Epiphyllum Hybrid ‘Red’
Big impressive red flowers with broadish petals. Can grow in a pot or clinging on to a host as it is an epiphyte from the forests of South America. You could let it cling to a totem or the like. Takes cool and hot conditions. Growth is flat and long with spineless green branches. Epiphyllums are easy to grow in large hanging baskets or supported in a large pot with stakes or trellis. Easy to grow and maintain. Best in full sun….light shade OK.

…..Priced at $14.90 each (190 Parries)







….Get that tropical look….Gigantochloa atroviolacea Java Black bamboo


(10mFmABCD) Gigantochloa atroviolacea.
This is prettiest of the black bamboos! Java Black is a great feature plant showing off its black culms with green stripes that hold their colour well. The internodes are white. The thickest culms of the black bamboos. The timber is thick walled and this species is good for construction work. Java is fairly tight clumping and upright and hardy. Will grow in most soil conditions. Get that tropical look! Full sun to part shade. Loose rooted from 200mm pots.

…..Priced at $69.00 each







…Dwarf Blue Bamboo…Bambusa chungii,Barbellata


(5mFABCD) Bambusa chungii Barbellata
This is a rare Dwarf Bamboo with slim (5cm) blue culms and attractive long internodes. Very pretty and quite rare. Will get to 8m in the tropics, shorter in cooler places. A fantastic feature plant with the x Factor. All areas and takes frost to -8oC. Smaller clump size to about 1.2m. Fast growing. Full sun to part shade. Loose rooted from 200mm pots.

…..Priced at $97 each








TAHITIAN LIMEcitrus aurantifolia

(3mEdFmABC) Citrus aurantifolia.
Highly favoured delicious small seedless fruit. Popular in Asian cooking & they can be used for drinks, seafood dishes, chicken, meats, desserts, cakes, biscuits and marmalade. Try a Paradise Lime Soda or have a slice with your beer. This plant must have full sun & likes well drained but not dry conditions. Add a little charcoal (20%) to your mix if you prefer pot culture. Takes a light frost..most climates.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (200 Parries)
NB We do not send Citrus to WA, Tas, NT or SA.







HORSERADISH TREEMoringa oleifera

(8mAbcD) Moringa oleifera is an extremely valuable deciduous tree with clusters of yellow and white scented flowers. Every part of it is edible and the leaves and seed pods contain 38% protein with nearly all essential amino acids, making it a great alternative to meat. Packed with vitamins and anti oxidants. Used in traditional Asian medicine. Promoted as very useful for diabetes, cancer and auto immune problems. Study the internet for more. Native of India. Full sun. These are in 50mm pots.

…..Priced at $5.90 each







BIRD OF PARADISE Strelizia reginae

(1mFABCD) Strelitzia reginae has the exotic bird like flowers in contrasting bright orange and blue. A remarkable plant it is amazingly drought resistant and withstands lows of minus 8oC. Splendid in floral arrangements and as feature plants. Florists are able to sell just a single flower at a premium. Full sun.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (170 Parries)









NATIVE GARDENIARandia fitzlanii

(4m*,**RfAbD) Randia fitzlanii is a highly prized rainforest shrub. Fragrant white five petalled star shaped flowers in spring. Bushy this one makes a great pot speciman and also in the garden in sun or shade. Produces flowers while still young. Large glossy dark green leaves. Lovely erect tall shrub. If grown in southern areas requires protected position and known to grow well in Sydney. Full sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 (150 Parries) or 3 for $23







(1.4mAbcD) Pandanus veitchii is a very hard to get collectors plant from the Pandanus genus. This is a very attractive yellow variegated plant to 1.5m. Its long pointed dark green and yellow striped leaves arch over. It suckers around its own stem forming a speciman with many heads. Makes a wonderful feature plant that doesn’t mind being dry periodically. Will also do well indoors. Native to Polynesia. This is an easy to grow and very hardy plant and should grow in all climates but the coldest tablelands. These are large plants loose rooted from 200mm pots. Sun or part shade.

…..Priced at $19.90 each (400 Parries)






BIRD OF PARADISE TREEStrelizia nicholii

(7mFmAbcD) Strelizia nicholii is a huge version of the Bird of Paradise. Its flowers are a similar shape but are huge to 45cm! They are white and purple. Foliage is very attractive with huge 1.2 m long broad (30cm) luxuriant foliage. Native to South Africa it can take a moderate frost but may suffer some damage with a series of heavy frosts. Best in a frostfree situation in a well drained soil in full sun or light shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $27





VARIEGATED NZ CHRISTMAS BUSHMetrosideros tomentosa variegata

(5mAbcD) Metrosideros tomentosa variegata. Beautiful foliage on this evergreen bushy shrub! Thick, leathery, oval leaves which are dark green with creamy margins on top and pale underneath. This easy growing low maintenance large shrub shows the velvety red ‘bottlebrush’ flowers with the arrival of summer. Makes an excellent screen or windbreak. Native to New Zealand. Grows best in coastal areas. Full part to part shade.

..,..Priced at $7.90 (150 Parries) each or 3 for $21








General All Seeds; Keep all seeds under shade and out of the raining a warm place. Soak in water overnight before sowing.

White Bat Plant SeedsGiant Black Bat Plant - Tacca integrifolia

Just sit the seeds on top of potting mix in a pot.
Don’t cover them. You can place the pot on
the ground to absorb the warmth from the earth…
place under shade. Make sure the sun is direct onto
the shade. You could try covering the pot with glad
wrap but is not necessary. You could also place under
plastic or on a heatbed.
……$10.00 for 10 seeds.





….Amazing Fat Plant….Rarely Available at this Size….Dioscorea paniculata

Elephant Foot – 60 year Old Plant

Dioscorea paniculata – Syn. D. villosa
One of the worlds wonders, this unique plant will make you scratch your head with wonder! Each year it lays down these fascinating thick woody scales which accumulate like a convex work of art. It gets covered in tiny yellow flowers alon its stems. It is deciduous and produces dark green climbing foliage and flowers. Its tuberous water storing stem (rhizome) is partially buried. Fat plants that store water in their stem are known as Caudiciforms or Caudex plants for short which are a grouping of mostly unrelated plants with a fat trunk. Keep in a dry spot with only occasional water and very little in winter.
This plant has a 40 cm caudex and estimated age is 50 -70 years.

…..Priced at $750.00 Plus Freight





RED GINGER LILYHedychium coccineum

(1.5m *ABCD) Hedychium coccineum will give you incredible 300mm long sprays of red to salmon fragrant butterfly shaped flowers in Summer. Each spray will last for weeks. Lushe tropical foliage. These are a prolific grower and can be grown in cooler areas as long as the rhizome is not frozen. Cut your plant back to the ground after flowering and it will shoot and multiply for you from its underground rhizome. Native to tropical Asia. Part to full shade in well drained conditions.

…..Priced at $15.90 (250 Parries)






Furcraea gigantea VariegataFurcraea gigantea

(3mFABCD) Put your neighbours in awe of you with this monumental succulent plant. Its erect rosetting stiff broad foliage has big creamy bands down the centre of its yellow green leaves but the best part is the shiny surface which sets up a striking colour combo. When they flower you get a giant 10m tower with amazing yellow fragrant flowers & bulbils which become plants! Marvellous landscape piece. Native to Nth South America.Drought & frost resistant. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (250 Parries)







Cryptanthus striatum ‘Sunshine’Cryptanthus striatum Sunshine

30cm Brilliant bronze with two long prominent pink stripes. White flowers cluster in centre.

…..Priced at $12.90








PINK DRAGON TREEDracaena marginata colorata

(4mABCD) *Dracaena marginata ‘Colorata’
Put on your sunnies or be bedazzled by the brilliant pinks in this creation. Here is a great sculptured feature plant in a pot, patio or in the garden. The foliage is very narrow, with bright pink stripes. Dragon trees are from Madagascar. Easy care & takes dry conditions. Full sun or shade.

…..Priced at $8.90 (120 Parries) each or 3 for $23








Phalaenopsis Taisuco Noble x Mt Lip

Phalaenopsis Taisuco Noble x Mount Lip

A large white moth orchid with very round shape having a central pink blush. Best suited to indoor growing, no direct sun. These plants have 180mm leaf span sent in a 90mm pot.

…..Priced at $24.00 each









Very attractive silvery brown centered plant
with white spines. Orange flowers.

…..Priced at $19.90



Dyckia brevifolia

Dyckia brevifolia
20cm Bright orange-yellow
flowers. Compact green small

….Priced at $12.90

…Collection of Two For $25





Pamianthe peruvianaPamianthe peruviana

This is an extreme rare plant from Peru from the Family Amaryllidaceae. Its huge white & green striped flowers span 16cm. They are highly fragrant. The sword like foliage is soft and thick. Reported extinct in its native land due to habitat destruction. Difficult & slow to propagate. Grows as an epiphyte….so needs to be treated like an orchid. This is one of the worlds most sought after plants. Read Jacob Uluwehi’s comments at orchidforum.com. We have a few only. These are very small seedlings 4-5 years off flowering.

…..Priced at $165 each






These Ixoras will surprise you with its startling groups of large soft flowers! Making these excellent for a stand out colour for your garden! The flower can last over long periods and the Ixora will continuously flower throughout the warmer months. We have 3 Ixoras and they are:


(1mAbcDe) Ixora
coccinea. A small
shrub with dense
shiny green foliage,
bears masses
of bright yellow


IXORA TWILIGHT GLOWixora twilight glow

(50cmAbcD) This
one will certainly
suprise you with
its startling bright
clusters of orange
and yellow coloured

Requires a warm frostfree climate. Best planted in a lightly shaded protected position in a moist well drained soil.

$7.90 each





….Hard to Get Euphorbia….


(1mABCD) Euphorbia viguieri
Similar to a Christ Plant (Crown of Thorns) but this one is topped with eyecatching red based trees leaves. The unusual flowers (pictured) are bright red. Biggish broad leaves. This is an unusual plant from Madagascar. Weird thorny stems but the spines are not sharp. OK in a well drained pot. Full sun to part shade in a well drained mix.

…..Priced at $12.90 each






Dendrobium Hidden MoneyDendrobium Hidden Money

Hardcane type Dendrobium, Medium growing size plant type with white base colour having a soft pink blush around the petals and lip. Grows best with rain cover and bright, warm conditions, although cool tolerant if kept on the drier side. These plants are 150mm tall out of 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $15.90





Rlc. Hawaii Stars ‘Only You’Rlc Hawaii Stars

Compact growing Cattleya type orchid with white flowers and contrasting pink in the throat. Shadehouse conditions. These plants are 120mm tall in 80mm pots.

…..Priced at $25







…Eye Catching Indoor Plant From Africa…

FIDDLE LEAFED FIG ficus lyriata

(1-7mABD) Ficus lyrata. Amazing leaf shape like a fiddle. This Strangler Fig is a stand out in any establishment. The large scalloped leaves are leathery and heavily veined. Can be held as a smaller plant in a pot or planted out becomes a magnificent tree. Good inside but likes bright light. In 140mm pots.

…..Priced at $16.90 each (350 Parries)

PS1 Commonly starts life as an epiphyte high in the crown of another tree, it then sends roots down to the ground that envelop the trunk of the host tree and slowly strangle it. It also grows as a free standing tree. This plant has the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. PS2 Expect to pay up tp $200 for an advanced one in a capital city.




Dracaena reflexa aureo variegata


(3mAbcD) Dracaena reflexa aurea Variegata. This is a beautiful gold variegated shiny foliaged dracaena. Branches readily and twists a little. Famous indoors and great in a sub-tropical or tropical garden. Very hardy and requires minimum maintenance.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (150 Parries)






If you can’t find all your plants in our latest catalogue please search our website as every plant on our website is available




WA & NT & Tasmanian Customers see Below

Roughly every 4-6 weeks so we can put all orders together & complete the WA & NT & Tas Quarantine Protocols in one batch & minimise the cost to you.

Next WA & NT & Tasmanian orders go Friday 5th May February 2017.

We need your order by the 12.30 PM Tuesday 2nd of May, QLD time before this date as we go through an intricate Quarantine Inspection process 7.00am Thursday & need to do this in one batch to make the process feasable.
The Quarantine Protocol cost of $10 is included in your freight charge.

Mrytle Rust Alert now affects some plants into the NT & SA, Tas as well as WA…..which means we cannot sent plants from Family Myrtacea to these states. Restrictions will soon be lifted in Victoria as Myrtle Rust has been found in 60 locations. In reality it has probably been around Australia the last 100 years but it needs a very wet year to be noticeable.

…WA & SA, Tas & NT Customers….

There is an very old alert for Myrtle Rust still standing in WA & NT the following potential host genus are not allowed entry for probably an extended period:
Austromyrtus, Callistemon, Eugenia, Feijoa, Kunzea, Leptospermum, Melaleuca, Myrciaria, Psidium, Syzygium, Xanthostemon, Rhodomyrtus.
These are the plants that may appear in our catalogue & is not the complete list. The complete list includes all the Family Myrtaceae. It was hoped this would be a short term measure…..but the authorities are in no rush to take action that would lead to lift the restriction.

There are other plants that are not permitted into WA for various reasons. We get all our plants approved by the State Dept of Agricultures when sending.

Here are a few more for your information.

Euphorbia species, Citrus species, Microcitrus species, Hibiscus species, Azalea species, Feijoa species, Vaccinium species Blueberry, Rhododendron, Vireya.













































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